Hitman 3 PC platforms: Is it an Epic Store exclusive, or can you get Hitman III on Steam?

PC gaming is good these days thanks to plenty of different places to shop, an almost endless slew of deals, and the fact that it's usually quite cheap.

The Epic Game Store has definitely helped lift us all up thanks to free games, new deals, special offers, and some better profit-shares for developers using it.

Not everyone likes it, but they also occasionally lock down games as exclusives on PC, and lots of people want to know if that's the case with Hitman 3.

So, here's everything you need to know about the PC launch of Hitman 3.

What platforms will Hitman 3 launch on for PC?

Hitman 3 will launch on lots of platforms on January 20th 2021, which is in about two weeks.

As it stands, it'll only be launching on the Epic Game Store.

This means that Epic likely paid a fair bit of money to IO Interactive for this, and it means that the first year of sales will help bolster Epic's wallet instead of Valve's or anybody else's.

Exclusivity isn't always permanent though, so you might be wondering about whether to not Hitman 3 will ever be available on your preferred PC storefront.

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Will Hitman 3 ever come to Steam?

So, as most people use Steam, you'll probably be wondering if Hitman 3 will come there.

Well, the good news is that it will eventually come to other storefronts, and that probably means Steam, but it won't happen for 12 months.

That means the game won't be coming to other PC stores until January 2022, which feels like a long way away, so maybe you should just download the EGS if you really want to play it sooner than that.

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