Henry Cavill teases even MORE hot and heavy PC-building action with new Instagram post

henry cavill

henry cavill

Henry Cavill - star of Zack Snyder's Justice League, The Witcher Season 2, and many other things - has teased another instalment of his hot and heavy PC-building action on social media.

As well as being a Man Of Steel and a Man From UNCLE, Cavill is also a man who loves a bit of PC gaming. It was his love of The Witcher video games, for example, which made him want to play Geralt Of Rivia in live-action.

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Keep reading, and we'll tell you about the latest PC gaming goodness to come out of Cavill...

Henry Cavill shows off his new toy

"My Christmas break is creeping ever closer and I have some projects to attend to", Cavill wrote on Instagram.

The accompanying image featured Cavill's face, his famous PC, a Christmas tree in the background, and a boxed NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card in the foreground.

henry cavill 3090
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Speaking about the projects ahead of him this Chrimbo, Cavaill added, "The second one is definitely the Christmas tree…."

Indeed, it sounds like Cavill will be getting hands-on with that 3090 pretty soon, which should be enough to excite many of his fans. After all, his previous foray into PC-building went down a storm!

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Let's not forget this internet-breaking video

In July, Cavill shared a very popular video on his Instagram account. Like many of us, Cavill has been working on his gaming set-up through the lockdowns of 2020.

Described as "seductive" in some quarters, the video showed a sweaty Cavill in a tank top, getting to grips with various PC components.

And with Cavill now teasing that he's about to unbox his 3090, fans are undoubtedly hoping another hot-and-heavy PC-building video could be on the way!

We'll keep you posted as and when Cavill keeps showing his love for the gaming world. Watch this space...

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