Hell Let Loose mic not working - How to fix voice chat

hell let loose mic not working

hell let loose mic not working

Experiencing Hell Let Loose mic and voice chat issues on the PS5? We have all heard it said that communications are critical during wartime. So losing the ability to communicate with teammates, especially in an intricate tactical contest, is potentially catastrophic.

We're here to try to help you remedy that issue. Get your comms back, and hopefully, you'll be coordinating pincer movements on your way to a famous victory. Here's what you can do to fix Hell Let Loose mic and voice chat issues.

How To Fix Mic And Voice Chat Issues in Hell Let Loose PS5

If you are experiencing problems with your mic or voice chat on Hell Let Loose, there are several different tweaks to your settings that you can consider. We'll run you through those now.

Go Through Your Options

Select the Options menu, you will see a sub-menu labelled Audio. Here, you need to check that all the relevant settings are active:

  • Make sure 'voice' is switched on
  • Check that the voice volume is turned up. If you are struggling to hear teammates, this voilume being too low could be the problem.
  • On the flip side, if people are struggling to hear you, make sure your microphone volume is turned up sufficiently high.
  • Is the option labelled "Disable Game Chat Audio" active? If it is, switch it back off, and see if that makes a difference.

You can also use the L1 button to tweak some of your other audio settings. Depending on what your rank is in the game, you will have more or fewer to choose from. But you can, for example, toggle between proximity radio, where you will hear people depending on how close they are to you, or unit, which allows you to communicate with your squadmates, regardless of distance.

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Check Your Equipment

This may seem obvious, but make sure that your communication equipment is actually working. So try it with a different game for example, and see whether there are still issues communicating with others. If you are using a Bluetooth headset, have a read of our how-to on connecting those to the PS5.

It's worth bearing in mind that not all Bluetooth headsets will be compatible with the PS5, so this could potentially explain why you might be experiencing issues.

If you are using headphones, then it's important that in your settings, you make sure you have selected "Chat audio to headphones". Some users have reported that this simple solution made the difference between being able to hear teammates, or not.

Hopefully, a few settings tweaks will be all you need, to fix your Hell Let Loose mic and voice chat issues. If all else fails, consider raising a support ticket with team17. If other players have contacted them with similar issues, they may have already identified a fix.

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