Halo Infinite Xbox One vs Xbox Series X: which version should you buy?

Halo Infinite is meant to be one of the launch games for the Xbox Series X. It's a big name, a classic Microsoft series, and fans are hoping it'll reignite the series after a couple of recent stumbles.

It's a chance for Microsoft to try to overcome a mixed slew of exclusives from this generation, to start off strong with the next-gen.

The thing is though, it might not just be the next-gen that gets access to Halo Infinite, and that means you might have options when it comes to where to play Halo Infinite.

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After we got a first-look at Halo Infinite during the Xbox Games Showcase, we thought we'd look at where you should actually play the next part of the Master Chief story.

Should you get Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X or Xbox One?

Halo Infinite is being made for the Xbox Series X, but it's not actually that simple when it comes to the next-gen of Microsoft consoles.

You see, Halo Infinite is likely to take advantage of the Forwards Compatibility that Microsoft is so proud of. It's a system that means that the next-gen games should be available on the current-gen consoles.

So, should you play Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X or Xbox One? Well, if you've got the money to upgrade then play it on the Xbox Series X. It's going to be smoother there, it'll look better, and it'll no doubt be the superior version, especially after the Xbox Games Showcase confirmed it will run at a smooth 60 FPS.

However, if you're not going to upgrade straight away, then maybe you should consider getting it on the Xbox One instead. After all, we know that Smart Delivery exists.

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What is Smart Delivery?

Smart Delivery is another thing that Microsoft has in place to do right by its consumers. It basically means that you can buy a game once and have access to the best version for whichever console you're playing on.

That sounds a lot like cross-buy, but with fancy improvements.

It seems like a new way of making sure we don't have to buy games more than once, which, as any Nintendo fan will tell you, would be a very nice thing to see on all of the consoles.

So, you should be able to buy Halo Infinite just the once and play it on whatever console you happen to have, which is nice.

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Xbox Game Pass: The best version of Halo Infinite to buy

If you're still torn between upgrading to the Xbox Series X and staying on the Xbox One until the next-gen prices drop, playing Halo Infinite through Xbox Game Pass is the best option.

Subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will grant you access to every Game Pass title, including Halo Infinite, and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Phil Spencer also recently revealed that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will now include access to Project xCloud, the new cloud streaming service.

This means that for just £10.99 a month, you'll be able to play Halo Infinite and its multiplayer mode on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, or your mobile device! It sounds like a bargain to us.

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