Halo Infinite Packet Loss Error: How To Fix Packet Loss In Halo Infinite

It doesn't really matter what game you're playing, if you start suffering with connection issues, it generally mars the experience. So on a much-anticipated AAA game likeHalo Infinite, packet loss can be a major distraction from the experience. And while packet loss is frustrating on any game, when you're playing a game that relies on cat-like reflexes, it can make all the difference between winning and losing. We'll run you through the best ways to try to mitigate against packet loss in Halo Infinite, and what it actually is. Rest assured, it's a lot more than Master Chief dropping his crisps.

How To Fix Packet Loss In Halo Infinite

Packet loss can be caused by several different factors. As a result, there is no single fix that is guaranteed to work every time. So instead, try running through these suggestions, until you find the one which works for you. While we can't guarantee any of them will work, they will give you the best chance of overcoming packet loss.

  • Use a wired connection. The more stable your internet connection, the better. A wired connection will almost always be more stable than a wireless connection. So if you are on Wi-Fi, try using an Ethernet connection.
  • Try a VPN. A common cause of packet loss is network congestion, so if your local server is particularly busy, a VPN may help. This will allow you to connect to a server in a different region, which might be experiencing less traffic. You can check the server status for Halo Infinite by going to @HaloSupport on Twitter.
  • On the flip side, if you are currently using a VPN, try switching it off and connecting to you local server.
  • To get the most reliable network connection, set your NAT type to Open or Type 1. Open/Type 1 NAT will usually provide the best connection quality. So if you have NAT setting of Moderate/Type 2, or Strict/Type 3, then port forwarding can help. To do this:
    • Type in your routers IP address into your browser
    • Log in to your router
    • Find your router’s Port Forwarding section
    • Put the IP address of your PC or console in the correct box in your router
    • Enter the correct TCP and UDP ports for your game in the corresponding boxes. These are as follows:
      • PC: TCP: 3074
      • UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500
      • Xbox One: TCP: 3074
      • UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500
      • Xbox Series X|S: TCP: 3074
      • UDP: 88, 500, 3074-3075, 3544, 4500
  • In addition to these fixes, you can carry out some other basic troubleshooting checks. Check whether you have any pending updates such as game updates, software updates, or driver updates.
  • Try flushing your DNS.
  • You can also check that your internet connection is working properly. It’s also worth doing a speed test, to ensure there isn’t a problem with your ISP. If there is an underlying speed issue, try contacting your service provider for further assistance.

As you can see, there are plenty of potential fixes to a packet loss problem. But what exactly is packet loss? Let's take a look.

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What Is Packet Loss Or Packet Burst?

As the name would indicate, packet loss is when packets of data go missing on their way to or from the server. These pieces of missing data are what then lead to some of the more noticeable effects on the game - problems like ping, stuttering, lag, and even being thrown off the server. Packet loss is something that can happen in almost any scenario that involves sending and receiving data between a server and a computer. Packet burst meanwhile, is subtly different. Whereas packet loss means the data never arrives at its destinastion, packet burst sees all the data arrive, but not in the correct order.

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There are several causes for these issues, but the most common ones include:

  • Network congestion – a busy server struggling to deal with the amount of traffic
  • Software bugs – you may find packet loss happens more frequently after a new update
  • Hardware faults – so check your router, your firewalls, and your cables to make sure they are working properly

Whether you have packet loss or packet burst, the outcome is broadly similar - a game which is difficult to play. Fortunately, these issues are often temporary, and can often remedy themselves without any manual intervention on your part. But if you do find that it's a consistent issue, then you can consider contacting 343 Industries for additional support. Alternatively, get in touch with your internet service provider, to see if they can offer any assistance.

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