Halo Infinite on PS4: talented fan makes it possible (sort of) on Dreams

The Halo Infinite reveal was met with somewhat mixed opinions due to the lower-than-expected graphical quality and in some cases, the ability to sprint.

Now, graphics aren't everything, not by a long shot, but showing off the next entry in a much-beloved series when it looks like that isn't a great move.

Despite the issues, a lot of people, including us, are incredibly excited to see Halo again. In fact, some people are so excited that they took matters into their own hands.

This is a little odd, but somebody basically made Halo on the PS4.

Halo is on the PS4, sort of

It turns out that with Dreams, basically, anything is possible. While we've known that this could be the case for a while, it doesn't make what people can do with it any less impressive.

As reported on by Gamespot's incredibly talented Jeremy Winslow, @DISARMEDTWEETS took it upon themselves to make Halo within Dreams, thereby being one of the first to bring the franchise to a Sony console.

It looks excellent, and the sound is spot on as well. This isn't a full Halo game, but it's a nice reminder of just how good Dreams is in the right hands.

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Dream a little Dream of Chief

Alongside the impressive clip itself, @DISARMEDTWEETS also made it incredibly clear that they're excited about Halo Infinite, they're not saying anything other than that.

A follow-up Tweet stated that "also, this is a tribute & not a “I MADE IT BETTER BECUASW THEY CANT” thing, I look forward to infinite!"

It's the kind of wholesome creation that doesn't need to be turned into part of any idea about console wars, it's just one person being excited about a game and sharing their love and creativity.

Also, seriously, Dreams doesn't get anywhere near enough attention and is an incredible suite of creative tools.

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