How To Get A Halo Infinite Killing Spree

Halo Infinite is now fully underway. But how does one complete a Halo Infinite killing spree? What even is a killing spree? And who cleans up the mess afterward? We'll answer at least some of these questions. Here's all you need to know about completing a killing spree in Halo Infinite.

What Is A Halo Infinite Killing Spree?

A killing spree in Halo Infinite involves killing a minimum of five enemies without dying. You can make individual kills, or perform double-kills, or even triple-kills, to contribute to your killing spree. While it may sound simple, there's a reason it's listed as a challenge. There are also additional levels of killing, should you be on such a violent rampage that you can't stop at just five.

Although still 'officially' in a Beta period until December 8th, the first event in Season One has already launched. In Fracture: Tenrai, players have a series of objectives to complete in order to gain rewards and XP. One of the missions involves earning a killing spree.

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How Many Kills Is A Killing Spree In Halo Infinite?

Killing sprees are earned in increments of five. So your basic, run-of-the-mill, bog-standard killing spree is completed when you kill five enemies without dying. If you manage ten kills without dying, you get a killing frenzy. It continues up to a maximum of forty kills, which will earn you the Demon medal. The full list:

  • Killing Spree: Get 5 Kills without dying.
  • Killing Frenzy: Get 10 Kills without dying.
  • Running Riot: Get 15 Kills without dying.
  • Rampage: Get 20 Kills without dying.
  • Nightmare: Get 25 Kills without dying.
  • Boogeyman: Get 30 Kills without dying.
  • Grim Reaper: Get 35 Kills without dying.
  • Demon: Get 40 Kills without dying.

Alternatively, if you are responsible for breaking someone else's killing spree, you'll earn the Killjoy medal. So that's the basics of a killing spree. But how can you actually complete this goal?

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How To Get A Killing Spree in Halo Infinite

The Halo Infinite killing spree challenge is available in Fiesta Mode during the Tenrai event. Fiesta matches are 4v4, and all players spawn with a random weapon and equipment loadout. The specific aim of the game is to either reach the maximum score of fifty or have the most points when the time expires. Every kill is worth one point. But is there anything that might give you an edge, whether in this event, or more generally?

There are really two elements to this. One is killing enemies quickly and effectively. The other is to avoid being killed yourself. Which is a lot like life. But the best advice we can offer is as follows:

  • A lot will depend on your loadout. But if you have a rocket launcher, try to use it to earn multiple kills at once.
  • If you have a sword, use stealth to kill silently.
  • Try to tackle enemies one-by-one.
  • Keep moving. When a fallen enemy respawns, the first thing they'll do is come looking for you in your last known location.
  • Also try to avoid open spaces where you can be easily picked off.
  • Get to know the maps you are playing in, so you can find the best spots for hiding and taking cover.
  • Loot the corpses of the fallen to try to acquire other weapons.
  • Grappling hooks can help you move faster in tight spaces. They can also be used to pull yourself closer to opponents, especially if you have short range weapons.

Best Weapons And Vehicles To Get A Killing Spree

There isn't really a one-size-fits-all answer here, because a lot will depend on your playing style. but here are some of our favourites, depending on what your preferred method of killing is. You'll probably want to spend some time experimenting with each of them, to see what works best for you. But also bear in mind that being tactically flexible is an important skill, as it will allow you to adapt to whichever map, weapons, and opponents you are faced with.

Long-Range Weapons

For players who prefer to keep their distance, the Sniper Rifle is a safe bet. It's great as a long-range weapon but is surprisingly effective in medium and short-range situations if you're desperate. You do need to have a great aim to make the most of its potential. Alternatively, the Skewer is another long-range weapon worth considering. While the Sniper Rifle needs a headshot for a one-hit kill, the Skewer will give you a single-shot kill regardless of where you hit your target. It's also great against vehicles. The drawback is that it has a very long reload time, so missing your shot leaves you vulnerable.

Rocket Launchers

In terms of rocket launcher-type weapons, the M41 SPNKR is a strong choice. A double-barrelled rocket launcher (so you get two shots instead of one) that has a wide blast radius. If you get it vaguely close to whatever you want to hit, you're going to do a lot of damage. It's great for trying to get multiple kills at once, and good against vehicles as well. The Cindershot is another grenade launcher with a wide blast radius. The grenades bounce around before exploding, so it's a weapon that needs a practised hand.

Melee Weapons

And for those of you who like to see the white's of your opponents' eyes before dealing the final blow? Well, there are options for you too. We'll start with the energy sword. It offers instant kills, so if you can get up close to your enemies, it is devastating. And finally, the Gravity Hammer. Another melee weapon, but utterly devastating, and can take out any opponent or vehicle in one blow if they get too close. It is quite slow and works best at very close range.


Once again, a lot depends on your preferred playing style. For something heavily armoured, then a Banshee or Scorpion is a good choice. The Banshee features two Plasma cannons and a plasma bomb. One shot from the plasma cannons will usually see off enemy infantry. A few plasma bombs would be sufficient to deal with a Scorpion. The Scorpion tank though, is still a beast. A machine gun and a powerful cannon will deal with most enemies, and you can drive over the rest of them. Its biggest weakness is its lack of mobility though.

If you prefer something fast and highly manoeuvrable, then consider the Chopper, the Ghost, or the Gungoose. The Brute Chopper is extremely quick and has armour at the front to protect from enemy fire. It carries side cannons which are good against most foot-soldiers. The Ghost is extremely fast and has powerful energy cannons. Its rapid acceleration means it can also be used to ram opponents, often to great effect. The Gungoose is highly manoeuvrable, making it great for evading enemy fire. Its machine gun may be a little underpowered against some other vehicles, but its speed and evasiveness can compensate, especially in large, open maps such as Behemoth or Fragmentation.

And for a solid all-rounder, it's hard to look past the Warthog. Something of a classic vehicle, the powerful M247 heavy machine gun will deal plenty of death, and the option of having a teammate onboard provides extra support and cover. If you're working together to complete a killing spree, this can be a great way to do it.

With any of these choices, your playing style, the terrain and the size of the map will potentially influence your choices. Let's take a little look at the maps.

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Best Maps For a Halo Infinite Killing Spree

There are a lot of maps available on Halo Infinite. Some will play to different strengths than others. A map such as Bazaar, has a central marketplace that will get messy quickly, but also corridors and rooms off it that will be more suitable for ambush type play. The gravity hammer may be a strong choice for this map.

Recharge is similar. This is a map that is going to be really good for killing sprees if you are competent with the grappling hook and the gravity hammer or energy sword.

At the other end of the spectrum is a map like High Power. This has a high wall in the middle of the map, which forces players into specific lanes. So if you are good with long-range sniper-type shooting, this map could work really well for you.

And finally, if you want to really take advantage of the vehicles that are available, maps such as Behemoth and Deadlock will fit the bill. Two of the largest maps on Halo Infinite, there is plenty of space to be dashing around in the vehicle of your choice, wreaking havoc as you go.

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