Halo Infinite Demo: Will it be playable for fans? Watch the 8 minutes of gameplay footage here

The Xbox Games Showcase live-stream event received a LOT of hype, not least for showing the first campaign gameplay footage from the hotly anticipated Halo Infinite.

But even with the spotlight being thrown on Halo Infinite and other first-party titles from the Microsoft-owned Xbox Game Studios, one big question remains: will the Halo Infinite demo be playable for fans before the game launches?

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Watch the Halo Infinite demo campaign gameplay here

There was no shortage of predictions about this event, but one thing we had confirmed in advance is this: campaign gameplay from Halo Infinite is going to be the belle of the ball.

This game, which will release on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, has been a long time coming.

A full eight minutes of demo Halo Infinite gameplay was revealed at the event, and you can watch it right here...

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Can you play the Halo Infinite demo?

Since this footage was referred to as a 'demo' of Halo Infinite, it's only logical to wonder if fans at home will also be able to download and play this taste of the game - or something similar!

As of right now, neither Microsoft or 343 Games has confirmed whether or not there will be a playable Halo Infinite demo.

It does sound like a good idea, though, right? A free demo would be a cool way for newcomers to the Halo franchise to try the title out, and decide if they want to play the full game.

If it was available before the full game comes out, a playable Halo Infinite demo would also be a great way to continue building hype for the game.

Whether or not a demo happens, it's worth remembering that Halo Infinite will launch on Xbox Game Pass from Day One. So you'll be able to play it pretty cheaply anyway - you just need to get a nice affordable Game Pass subscription!

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