Hades Achievements Not Unlocking Xbox: How To Fix Achievements Error on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

While there has been much rejoicing that Hades, one of our favourite games of 2020, has finally made it onto consoles, Xbox players have reported issues with achievements refusing to unlock. But if you're worried that your achievements will forever be trapped in the underworld, fear not. We are here to help you navigate your way past the monsters of myth and legend, and bring those trophies gleaming into the warm light of day. Here is what you need to know about Hades achievements not unlocking on Xbox consoles. .

How to fix Hades achievements not unlocking error on Xbox

Supergiant Games, the developers behind Hades, have acknowledged that there is a problem with achievements not unlocking on the game, specifically on the Xbox. They have also confirmed that they are working on a fix for it. In good news though, there is one workaround that seems to be effective.

According to Supergiant Games on Twitter, the good news is that even if the achievement doesn't unlock, the game does recognise when you've achieved it. And eventually, it should unlock. But to speed up this process, the recommendation is to simply restart your console and relaunch the game. This should then lead to your achievements appearing as they should.

PSX Hades Achievements Not Unlocking
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What else do I need to know about Hades Achievements Error?

It is possible that the error is happening when players are using the Quick Resume feature on Xbox Series X|S. So a fairly easy way to avoid the error, if this is correct, is to simply avoid using Quick Resume until Supergiant confirm a fix. For whatever reason, utilising this feature appears linked to achievements being disabled.

Make sure you're earning them

It's also worth acknowledging that Hades doesn't throw achievements at you like an overly-zealous paper boy of the underworld. You have to earn them. Some of them will take multiple attempts, or rely on random encounters before you can tick them off. But hey, if it gives you an excuse to play Hades again, that's probably a good thing.

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