GTA 5 Account Transfer: Can I Transfer GTA Online Character To Another Console?

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GTA 5 Account Transfer: Can I Transfer GTA Online Character To Another Console?

For players returning to GTA Online, the potential for a GTA 5 account transfer could save tens- even hundreds - of hours' worth of grinding by allowing a character transfer between consoles. But is this possible?

With the return of GTA Online (not that its popularity ever dwindled too much) as a free-to-play experience for some PlayStation users, some former Xbox GTA 5 players are hoping to do an account transfer to their brand new console.

So is it possible to transfer a GTA Online character to another console? We have the answer for you, and more. Find out everything you need to know about the GTA V account transfer system here.


Can I Transfer A GTA Online Character To Another Console?

Yes, Rockstar now lets players do a one-time GTA 5 account transfer between consoles, albeit in very specific circumstances.

Back when GTA V Online was new, it was possible to transfer characters from one console to another, or even one format to another. This GTA account transfer was essential in the transition between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, or PS3 and PS4 era of games.

And now, with the next-gen of consoles up and running with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, GTA 5 is still around, meaning these same transfers are available to transition to the next generation. However, PC players are not included in this account transfer re-opening, sorry!

How To Transfer GTA 5 Account And Character

Transferring a character on GTA 5 is pretty simple, so long as you know your Rockstar Social Club login. As long as your previous account was linked to your Social Club, you can sign in to your new console with the same Rockstar account to begin the process. When you open up your GTA game, Rockstar will ask you if you want to use your previous profile and character.

Keep in mind, that this works across platforms too, as players from Xbox can transfer to a PlayStation, and vice versa.

Even if you can't transfer your character over (if you were on PC, for example), Rockstar gives new players and accounts a cool $4m to use to rebuild their account, and possibly avoid getting killed by every other player in the server.