Gran Turismo 7 Multiplayer Issues: How To Fix Multiplayer Problems on GT 7

If you've been enjoying Gran Tursimo 7, you may be keen to explore the game alongside friends. But there have been reports of a number of different Gran Turismo 7 multiplayer issues, which have been preventing people from actually racing against other players.

We've put together a guide to some of the most prominent issues. We'll let you know what these issues are, and what you can do about them. So if you have run into any of these, you might finally get some insight into how to fix them.

How To Fix Multiplayer Problems on GT 7

There are a few different problems that have revealed themselves to players when attempting to start a multiplayer race. In no particular order, here are the problems, along with their suggested fixes:

Some players are finding that they are in the 'Lobby' ready to start a race. The message 'Preparing' is displayed, but the Host for the race is unable to start it. The most effective solution is for everyone in the room to leave and then re-enter. You should then be able to start the race.

A similar issue appears to arise when players are finding that entering the track in Practice does not then allow players to drive, or skip to the Final Race. Once again, the recommended solution is to try leaving and re-entering the 'Lobby'.

Last, but by no means least, is a peculiar error that occurs during a two-player split-screen race. When this error arises, the Assist Settings for Player 2 are locked. Of course, if Player One wants an unfair advantage, then this may be regarded as a feature rather than a bug. But if you do want to play fair, unfortunately there isn't a fix at the moment. The developers have confirmed that they plan to fix this in a future update. So for the time being, the best solution is to keep watching for any game updates, and install them as soon as you can.

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If nothing seems to be working, then you can always reach out to the developers for further support. The easiest way to do this is via their official Twitter feed @thegranturismo.

What's Causing The Gran Turismo 7 Multiplayer Issues?

At the moment, it's unclear exactly why these issues have arisen. But as with almost every new game, there are likely to be a few glitches that sneak through the QA tests in the run up to launch. Thankfully, these aren't the sort of glitches that render the game totally unplayable, and two of them do have a workaround, with the third hopefully soon to be fixed.

As we said earlier on, the most likely long-term solution for all of these (and other) issues will come in the form of a game update. So keeping a close eye on the Twitter feed, or checking for notifications on your PS5, will be the best way to quickly spot when a new patch is available for the game. As soon as a patch becomes available, we recommend downloading and installing it.

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In the meantime, leaving the Lobby and re-entering it is about as simple and easy a solution as you could hope for.

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