Gotham Knights Crashing Fix: How to fix Gotham Knights crashes

How to fix Gotham Knights crashing

How to fix Gotham Knights crashing

Are you experiencing Gotham Knights crashing issues?

You’re ready to sink your teeth into Gotham Knights. You're just starting to enjoy the thrill of the fast-paced combat. But suddenly, your game crashes. This is a really frustrating situation because it means you have to start all over again.

Gotham Knights has been plagued with problems, and some of them are rather serious. Besides the failed to join session error, Gotham Knights crashing is another problem that is common with the game.

If you are experiencing Gotham Knights crashing, then we have a few solutions for you.

How to fix Gotham Knights crashing

There are many instances where Gotham Knights will crash. While the game crashes during the Mission Heist at STAR Labs for some, others have reported that Gotham Knights crashes at startup or launch.

By the looks of it, a bug in the game code is causing the game to crash. The crashing issue has been acknowledged by the devs and is under investigation. Hopefully, they will patch the issue soon.

In the meantime, you can try the tips below to fix the crashing issue in Gotham Knights

If the game crashes at startup or launch

While PC players are greeted with a black screen as soon as they launch the game, Gotham Knights keeps crashing upon startup after the epilepsy warning screen for PS5 users.

If you are on PC, we recommend you make sure your graphics drivers are fully updated as outdated drivers are the main cause of black screen in games. Also, verify the integrity of your game files. If the issue persists, your only option is to wait until the devs patch the problem.

Some PS5 users have tried rebuilding the database, resetting the console to factory settings, and even uninstalling and reinstalling the game without success. So we don't think it is worth trying out those troubleshooting tips.

We recommend you vote up this bug report on the Gotham Knights crashing on PS5. More vote means higher priority will be given to the bug and the devs will address it sooner.

If the game consistently crashes while playing the Mission Heist at STAR Labs

Many players have reported that on the Mission Heist at STAR Labs during the fight in which you need to rotate the Railgun to free the scientists the game consistently crashes with a DXGI_Device_Hung error, making it impossible to progress past this point.

According to the support website, the error is under investigation and we can expect a fix soon. In the meantime, you can try a workaround suggested by this Reddit user, which you will find below.

"When the encounter starts, start powering up the railgun and immediately run up the stairs to the right and kill the goons as they come up the steps, then run down and fire the gun and grapple back up to where you were."

This little trick has worked for everyone experiencing crashing at this point and it will definitely work for you too.

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