Genshin Impact failed to check for updates: How to fix this error message

Genshin Impact isn't just popular because of the cute graphics, the fun gameplay, and the wonderful world it takes place in, but they all definitely help.

The popularity of the game has led to a fair few errors popping up as more and more people try and get into the game or play it more and more as they enjoy it.

It's a troublesome thing when your gaming session is hampered by troublesome error messages, but there's always a way to sort these things out.

So, here's how to get rid of the "failed to check for updates" error message.

What is Genshin Impact failed to check for updates error message?

Unsurprisingly, the failed to check for updates message is linked to your online connectivity.

While it does just generally mean what it says, the cause of it can vary, and it's often more likely to be a network issue or a game integrity issue than an issue with the updates themselves.

That means that there are a few fixes you can use to get rid of this message, and you'll probably be familiar with all of them.

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How to fix the Genshin Impact failed to check for updates error message

The first thing you want to do is the easiest, and that's to exit the game and then load it back up again. We know it's not very original, but it doesn't matter as long as it works.

The next step is to try restarting your router and then check the game again, sometimes this will fix things.

Finally, it might be an installation error, so it's a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the game. This should fix nearly any issue you have with the game and is a good way to get around a lot of other error codes.

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