GamePrint Unity SDK lets you 3D print video game models

The rise of capture software has allowed everyone to capture their favourite video game moments to treasure forever. However, startup company Mixed Dimensions is going one step further with GamePrint, allowing you to 3D print your favourite video game moments.

GamePrint Unity SDK

Mixed Dimensions has partnered with video game engine company Unity to bring 3D printing to video games. Integrated as part of the Verified Solutions Program, the new Unity SDK can grab instances from video games and turn them into 3D printable models.

The technology is based on prior work by Mixed Dimensions. Previously, the tech company worked on 3D model cloud storage and 3D CAD file repairs. However, it was their GamePrint service – which allowed players to 3D print their custom Star Trek Online ships – that really took off.

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You can 3D print your own Star Trek Online ships!

Now, that GamePrint SDK can be plugged into game projects for developers and publishers to easily get 3D prints of their game models. As soon as the SDK is incorporated into a game project, the developer can capture in-engine moments and get a 3D print of their subject.

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Only for developers... for now

Unfortunately, GamePrint doesn't give developers access to the STL file to print their files at home. At the time of writing, every print has to 3D printed by Mixed Dimensions’ full-colour 3D printers. However, it's still an awesome feature for devs that want a quick, hassle-free figurine of their game models.  

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How everyone could use this anyway

Fortunately, this method may still be easier for consumers than 3D printing at home. As many know, it’s a huge hassle to repair video game models for printing. However, plugging a model into GamePrint would be a much simpler process.

Of course, you'd still have to go through the paid printing process instead of printing at home. Still, it's an intriguing work around for those that don't have the space for a huge printer at home. Swings and roundabouts.

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