Game Boy is the console which Brits miss the most - see the full list here!

With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X now out, it's a good time to ignore the future of technology and look backwards instead.

It turns out that the UK misses a lot of old technology, but the piece of gaming tech that ranked highest in the list was a handheld, not a console.

A report done by brought up a lot of interesting information about retro gaming.

So, here's what we thought was the most fascinating discoveries in this survey.

The Game Boy is the UK's favourite retro gaming device

In a survey of 2,007 UK adults by, the 10 most missed pieces of tech were revealed.

While Cassette tapes are at the top of the list, presumably because people really miss having to rewind things, the highest-ranked piece of gaming tech was the Game Boy.

The full top ten list of items we miss the most from the old days looks like this...

  1. Cassette tapes
  2. Etch-a-sketch
  3. Video tapes
  4. Gameboy
  5. Tamagotchi
  6. Sega Megadrive
  7. Early nokia phones
  8. Walkman
  9. Hi-Fi system
  10. Kodak camera 

It was revealed that the average adult owns around 11 pieces of technology worth around £3,248, which is a fairly high figure.

Of course, when you consider the fact that many people own TVs, smartphones, and computers or laptops, it's easy to imagine how it all adds up. The report also delved into some interesting facts about how expensive older tech would be in the modern-day if you accounted for inflation.

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Old technology wasn't cheap

So, let's take a look at how much the consoles cost when they launched, as well as when they launched:

  • Commodore 64 - 1982: £399
  • ZX Spectrum 48K - 1982: £175
  • Game Boy - 1989: £168.80
  • Sega Mega Drive - 1990: £189.99
  • Super Nintendo - 1992: £150

Now let's take a look at how much they'd cost in the modern-day:

  • Commodore 64 - 1982: £1,418
  • ZX Spectrum 48K - 1982: £621.70
  • Game Boy - 1989: £422.74
  • Sega Mega Drive - 1990: £434.68
  • Super Nintendo - 1992: £312.48

It's a pretty surprising thing, given that we often feel as though the new consoles cost a lot more than they used to. Maybe the human brain isn't good at remembering this stuff.

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