Fortnite VR: Is Fortnite Available on the Oculus Quest?

Dreamer character - Fortnite VR
Credit: Epic Games

Dreamer character - Fortnite VR
Credit: Epic Games

We know that Fortnite is a hugely popular game, but is Fortnite VR available? It certainly sounds great in principle, the idea of playing Fortnite in as immersive a way as possible.

Today we'll examine whether it is possible to play Fortnite in VR. And if so, exactly how you would go about it.

Spoiler: it is possible, albeit with some caveats.

Is Fortnite Available In VR?

At the time of writing, Fortnite isn't available natively in VR. If we look at the Quest games store, as the most popular VR headset, Fortnite is nowhere to be found.

While it's available on PC via the Epic Games launcher, it is yet to make the leap into virtual reality.

But the story doesn't necessarily end there. There is a way to play Fortnite on your PC, and then transfer it to your Quest 2. We'll explain.

How To Play Fortnite In VR On Quest 2

While it won't be exactly the same as playing a true VR version of Fortnite, it is still possible to play Fortnite while wearing your Quest 2 headset. But it does require a little bit of effort.

Arguably the easiest way to do this is by using an app called Virtual Desktop. This allows you to connect your Quest 2 headset to your computer wirelessly, and then effectively mirror your PC screen on your headset.

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Once you've installed Virtual Desktop, connect your Quest 2 with your PC. Then, once you have your computer screen on your Quest 2, you can open Fortnite, and you'll see it on a big screen within your headset.

As we said before, this isn't the same as a native VR version of the game. But until such time as a true Fortnite VR version is released, it's about as good as it's going to get.

A Glimmer Of Hope?

While it may be disappointing to find out that Fortnite isn't available natively on VR, there are some tantalising suggestions that this may be about to change.

A recent update (21.50) has been scrutinised by Fortnite leaker @HYPEX on Twitter:

Now, this doesn't tell us anything officially. But if it is accurate, then it is an indication that VR support may be on the horizon.

This would make some sense, given that Epic Games are just one of many companies pouring money into the metaverse. And with the popularity of Fortnite, it would make sense for them to make this a key part of their metaverse strategy. Which would necessitate having a VR version of the game.

There is also some speculation that Fortnite is working on a first-person mode for the game. This would also make the move to VR much easier.

And with the upcoming launch of PSVR 2 and a potential new Meta Quest Pro headset in the pipeline, it's possible that there will be VR options that can cope with the demands of a game like Fortnite.

As always, we'll need to wait to see how everything shakes out. If you really want to play Fortnite while wearing your VR headset, then Virtual Desktop is your easiest option. Alternatively, wait and see whether the rumours bear any fruit or not.

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