Fortnite LEGO release time - everything you need to know

Fortnite LEGO skins on pale blue background
Credit: Epic Games

Searching for information on the Fortnite LEGO release time? We've got you covered.

Fortnite's latest crossover with LEGO has built up a wealth of excitement for players looking for an alternative to the usual doses of battle royale action the game is synonymous with. Instead of the unexpected errors hindering your game, the Fortnite LEGO release time remains a hot topic of conversation.

In this guide, check out everything there is to know about the Fortnite LEGO release time including information on when it goes live in your region.

Fortnite LEGO release time countdown

The Fortnite LEGO release time was at 12 PM GMT / 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on December 7, 2023. This means the game within Fortnite is available to play right now!

Instead of the Fortnite LEGO crossover rehashing the battle royale map and all of the weapons. Epic Games and LEGO have created a crafting and survival game which shares several similarities to Minecraft.

What is Fortnite LEGO?

Fortnite LEGO is a completely separate game where players can build, craft, and survive in their own LEGO world. Build anything and everything you could possibly imagine, explore your surroundings, and do battle with a variety of creatures and beasts.

Instead of it focusing on the usual characteristics of Fortnite where being the last player standing is the aim of the game, Fortnite LEGO harnesses the creativity of players to make their dream world out of the legendary bricks.

If you're experiencing any issues when attempting to access Fortnite LEGO, check out our guides revealing how to fix error code 93.

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