How To Fix Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Error 3001

The official launch of Endwalker finally arrived at the start of December. And while the team behind the game clearly took great care over making the finished product as perfect as possible, there are still a few errors that have managed to sneak through into the finished product. As a way to help, we'll look at Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Error 3001. What is it, why does it happen, and most importantly, how do you fix it? We'll have answers to these questions, and more. Well, not more. Just these ones.

How to Fix Endwalker Error 3001

If you have been impacted by error 3001, there are a few steps you can try, in an effort to overcome it:

  • If you are trying to login at peak times, it's possible that the server cannot sustain any more players. So if possible, try playing the game at a different time.
  • Try restarting the game and see if it lets you in.
  • Players who are accessing the game via a free trial, if you are trying to access the game at peak times, you may nit be allowed. Check out our update below for further details.
  • Consider using a VPN to connect with a different server.
  • On the flip side, if you are currently using a VPN, try truning it off, and see if connecting to a local server makes a difference.

As we have explained in detail below, the primary issue with error 3001 is how busy specific worlds are. It's a server-end issue, rather than a user problem. This does slightly limit what you can do to fix it. The developers are very aware of this issue and are doing what they can to resolve it. You can keep track of their update on their Twitter feed @FF_XIX_EN.

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What is Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Error 3001?

Error 3001 happens when players are about to log in to a game World. When it triggers, players are disconnected from the lobby they were in and need to rejoin at the back of the queue. It's an understandably annoying experience. There are a couple of different causes for this error.

The first is simply that too many players are trying to access a given World at that particular time. The developers have placed a login cap on each world, to prevent the servers from being overloaded. As we noted above, this particular issue has been addressed by a subsequent patch.

But the second cause is a little more complex. This applies primarily to players who are trying to access the Tonberry World on the Elemental data centre. It is this world that has the highest number of login requests of all the game Worlds.

While the situation is yet to be fully resolved, the developers have increased the number of network connections to the maximum they can at this time. Any further increase may result in overloading of the servers and causing the World to go down. Other worlds with high player counts, especially in Europe and North America, are also vulnerable to this error during periods of peak traffic.

This error seems likely to be fully resolved as player numbers stabilise, or as capacity is increased. But while we await further developments, try what we've suggested, and see if it helps. Or, as the developers have asked, be patient.

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Things have moved on, with another update from Square Enix in relation to these issues. It isn't often that a game is too popular for its own good. However, Endwalker has proven so successful, that the servers are struggling to cope with demand for play hours.

Due to this, the developers have taken the decision to suspend any more sales of the game until things have stabilised. They have added further restrictions for players who are taking advantage of a free trial.

At the moment, priority will be given to players with an active game subscription. Players using a free trial will not be able to access the game outside of late nights and early mornings. So do bear this in mind if you are having issues logging in.

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Once again, we will need to wait for further updates from the developers. But we can hope that they are working hard to build capacity, in an effort to stop the servers from being overloaded by players. It's the definition of being victims of their own success.

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