How to fix Final Fantasy 14 "The lobby server encountered an error" issue

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final fantasy 14 how to fix the lobby server encountered an error issue
Credit: Square Enix

If you are encountering the "The lobby server encountered an error" issue in Final Fantasy 14, this guide is for you.

"The lobby server encountered an error" is the latest issue that has been causing headaches for Final Fantasy 14 players, following in the footsteps of previous errors such as 3001 and 2002.

If you are facing this issue and don't know what to do, don't worry! In this article, we will guide you through the steps to fix this problem and get you back into the game in no time.


How to fix this Final Fantasy 14 "The lobby server encountered an error" issue

Based on experience, it seems that Final Fantasy 14 players get “the lobby server encountered an error” when they lose their internet connection. Sometimes it’s also because the connection has stopped altogether, which really messes with the online-only MMORPG.

First things first, restart the game or console to see if this fixes the game. Reconnecting to the system’s internet might also help since this is a connection issue. If this leads to the game starting up again, then you’re in the clear.

However, if the game is still getting “the lobby server encountered an error,” try the following:

  • Restart your router
  • Change your DNS address
  • Try out a different internet connection

Managing these options should lead to the game working, one way or another. Be sure to check if the internet in your house is working, as doing these actions can do more than just get Final Fantasy 14 working.

I tried all of this and still get the Final Fantasy 14 error


Now, if players try all of these actions and still get “the lobby server encountered an error” then it could mean one thing; Final Fantasy 14 is getting an update. This isn’t a huge surprise since it is a popular MMORPG and is constantly getting new patches and fixes.

Basically, if you’re playing Final Fantasy 14 and the next major update/expansion is coming in a day or two, then stop playing the game. Things will get better once the update has arrived, though the number of players coming back after some downtime could also lead to some errors.

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