FIFA 22 SBC Error: How To Fix Can't Submit SBC Issue In FUT 22

If you have been impacted by the FIFA 22 SBC Error, then you are not alone. Lots of players have been complaining about this problem in recent weeks, forlornly pleading with EA, and the internet, and the Gods, for help.

While we don't claim to be Gods, we are happy to offer you some help if you are still suffering from this malady. And we don't even require you to ritually sacrifice anything. Although feel free to send us money. Here's what we know about how to fix the FIFA 22 SBC Error.

How To Fix Can't Submit SBC Issue In FUT 22

With FIFA 22 being a relatively new game, issues are not unexpected, such as the FIFA 22 connection error. There have been quite a number of problems on this particular game, and the SBC error is proving a tricky one to resolve. At the time of writing, EA has at least acknowledged that there's an issue.

They have also stated that they are investigating, but don't have an ETA on a fix. Given that this has been a problem as far back as 2017, we wouldn't recommend holding your breath.

In lieu of a patch from EA, our suggestions are as follows:

  • Start by restarting your console or computer, and then log-in to FUT again.
  • Exclude players from active squads. This has been a popular solution on player forums, with many people saying that this has worked for them. Simply tick the box that says "Exclude players from active squads".
  • Other users have suggested that removing a single player, then putting them back in, or subbing them for an alternative player, has worked.
  • A fix that seemed to work on FIFA 21 involved deleting any Concept Squads that you may have, then trying to resubmit your SBC.
  • And finally, some players have reported that after pressing Submit, waiting five seconds or more before pressing Confirm seems to help.

At this stage, there are no definitive solutions that we can say will definitely work. If the above don't help, then you can raise the issue with @EAFIFADirect on Twitter, or submit an issue on the EA Help website. The more information the developers have, the better their chances of resolving this quickly.

FIFA 22 SBC Error
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What is the FIFA 22 SBC Error?

The FIFA 22 SBC Error is, unfortunately, not a total unknown. We've seen similar SBC issues present themselves in previous FIFA games. The frustration is that this issue is reappearing, rather than being permanently resolved.

The issue itself is fairly clear. When players are trying to submit their squads on the squad building challenge, players are simply being told there is an error. They are then unable to submit their squad to complete the challenge.

As we said earlier, this does appear to be under investigation by EA and the development team, so hopefully, it won't be too long before they release a patch to resolve it. In the meantime, try the solutions we suggested above. If you're lucky, one of them is going to work for you.

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