FIFA 22 PS4 vs PS5: Differences, graphics, and which version you should buy

With the latest football season coming to an end, immediately thoughts turn towards next year. And just as every new season begins with renewed fan hopes and aspirations, the same is true for fans of FIFA. The release of FIFA 22 will give EA a full release cycle to work on its next generation game. We're all hoping to see some big leaps forward as a result. But will that happen? Will it be worth buying the PS5 version instead of the PS4 version? We'll take a look at what we know so far, and see whether there will be any major differences.


Many of the differences between the two generations of this game are below the surface. Things like significantly faster loading times are an obvious example. While this may not seem like much, being able to start a game almost immediately really does make a huge difference in comparison to the PS4 version.

There's also the benefit of playing on the DualSense controller on the PS5. The haptic feedback from the controller is much more immersive. You can really feel it if a player starts to fatigue, or when you are involved in a crunching tackle. This is a big difference between the two, and if anything, expect EA to build on this further in FIFA 22.

There are rumours that the new game will be built on the newest version of the Frostbite Engine. If so, this will really enable the developers to make the most of the power in the PlayStation 5. As a result, you can expect to see even more differences between the two generations.

FIFA 22 Graphics

In FIFA 21, there were some immediately noticeable differences between the two versions of the game. On the next-gen consoles, 4K resolution and 60 FPS made for a sharper, smoother, more detailed gaming experience. Subtle differences in things like lighting, or players hair and faces, were improved. The more powerful machine undoubtedly made this possible. With another year of development, it seems likely that EA will be able to get even more out of the potential of the PS5, in comparison to the PS4. There is certainly the potential for the PS5 version to be even more beautiful in comparison to the PS4.

Which version of FIFA 22 should you choose

When FIFA 21 was released, EA made it Dual Entitlement. We shouldn't expect the same generosity this time around. But even though they wouldn't have had a great deal of time to work on FIFA 21 specifically for the PS5, the differences were still very clear. We can expect this to be even more pronounced when FIFA 22 hits the shelves. With an extra year of experience under their belts and a possible new Frostbite engine, the potential on the new console is immense. The PS4, by being an older, less powerful machine, simply won't be able to do everything that the PS5 can.

Obviously if you have a PS4, then you can only choose one version of the game. But if you own a PS5, it seems very likely that getting the PS5 version will offer you a vastly enhanced experience in comparison to the PS4 version. We may not have long to wait until we know more; the EA Play event is scheduled for July 22nd. Expect more information to be revealed then.

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