FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session: How To Fix FIFA 22 Matchmaking in FUT

FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session - player with ball

If you've been happening upon the FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session, then you know it is a frustrating issue that renders it impossible to play a match.

Whether you are trying to create a game session in FIFA Ultimate Team or joining one, then that can be quite irritating.

Here's what you need to know about how to fix FIFA 22 error creating game session, in order to get back to matchmaking in FUT.

How To Fix FIFA 22 Matchmaking in FUT

In order to fix this error, we can restart our console or PC, reboot our router but also check if the problem is on the side of the servers.

The FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session is certainly not the worst error the game has thrown at players, but it is still very annoying. Like many FIFA 22 errors, this is an error that has been seen in previous iterations of the game. While irritating that it keeps cropping up, the silver lining is that having seen this problem before, we've also seen the solutions before:

  • EA recommend starting off by checking that your internet connection is working properly. This involves all the usual tips: switch from WiFi to a wired connection if you can. Turn off other devices and apps that are fighting for bandwidth. Get as close to your router as you can, for the strongest possible signal.
  • It's also important to see whether the servers are working or not. If the servers are down, then you'll need to wait for them to be back online before trying again.
  • You could also consider a VPN. if the issue is a local server problem, a VPN may connect you to a server in a different location that isn't experiencing issues. If you're already using a VPN, try turning it off, to see if connecting to a more local server helps.
FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session
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In addition to these tips, other steps that have worked on previous version of the game include:

  • Making sure all your software and drivers are fully updated. If you have anything that needs updating, do so, and see if this resolves the issue.
  • Check that your account details are all correct, and that you still have a valid subscription, if for example you are playing via Xbox Live or EA Play.
  • For some players, the only thing that has worked has been the ultimate option - uninstalling and reinstalling the game. So if nothing else has worked, you might want to consider this.

You may find though, that you'll need to reach out to EA for further help and support. You can reach them via Twitter or via their website. But else do we know about the FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session?

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What causes the FIFA 22 Error Creating Game Session?

In order to play a game on FUT, the game needs to create a game session for you to join. Most commonly, the error is triggered by an issue with the connection between the game server, and the end user. This is sometimes a server related issue, but can also be related to a problem with your home network, whether its an issue with the stability of the connection, or its speed.

As the solutions we outlined above also suggest, there are some other potential problems that can lead to this error:

  • Account subscription issues
  • Software problems

Try the fixes we've outlined, and all being well, you'll be back online, scoring goals, winning matches, and enjoy everything that FIFA 22 has to offer.

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