F1 2020 60 FPS: Can F1 2020 run in 60 FPS on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

Performance is important. Of course it is, even in normal circumstances with less intense games performance matters.

In a game all about Formula 1 racing, one of the most performance-intensive kinds of racing in the world, it's even more essential to be able to react to absolutely everything.

Games are a little different to driving a Formula 1 car, but performance is often still at the forefront of many people's questions when a new game comes out.

So, if you're wondering about the F1 2020 frame rate, then let us help.

Can F1 2020 hit 60fps on PC, PS4, and Xbox One?

The wonderful folks over at Digital Foundry have done a deep dive into the performance of this year's F1 game.

They found that the "PS4 still delivers a cleaner image and more sustained performance, but the gap has narrowed and the Xbox One version is still a great game to play"

There were some problem areas in last year's game, but "Looking at these points in F1 2020, there's barely a single drop under that number (60fps)now. In cases where it does, the screen-tearing kicks in to avoid noticeable stutter."

Now, this section is talking about the Xbox One X and the PS4, but even the standard consoles are far better than last year, at worst dipping into the high 50s.

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Why is frame rate important?

Frame rate is the speed at which new images appear onscreen. So, 24fps, which is considered the minimum for an image to appear as actually moving, means that 24 images flash up in one second.

You're never really looking at a moving image, it's just an awful lot of single images thrown at you in quick succession.

This is why games look much smoother at 60fps than at 30fps, you're literally seeing twice the number of images. So even if you can't really explain why it looks better, it does.

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