Evil Genius 2: Confirmed release date, new trailer, beta sign-ups and more

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Evil Genius was released back in 2004, and now Rebellion is very close to serving up a sequel by name of of Evil Genius 2.

There's plenty of hopes as to what fans are wanting to see in a sequel to a game released sixteen years ago, so there's lots to look forward to here.

With that, let's look into the status of the game, and what's been confirmed so far...

Evil Genius 2 Release Date confirmed

It was originally scheduled to be released for the end of 2020, but delays have now put it to launch in 2021. There isn't too much longer to wait, though!

Rebellion has now confirmed an exact release date: it'll be 30th March 2021 when Evil Genius 2 arrives in our lives, and you can wishlist the game on Steam right now at this link.

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Evil Genius 2 latest trailer

With the confirmation of the release date came this brand new trailer for the game...

Evil Genius 2 gameplay footage

Rebellion has recently released a trailer showing just what types of contraptions an evil genius like yourself can build, while recruiting and training many henchmen to bow to your evil deeds.

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Evil Genius 2 Features

You can construct your evil lair from an island you can pick, and then you can construct your lair to fit your minions and your overall plans. From world domination to kidnapping the best spies in the world, it's all possible.

You can also recruit certain henchmen such as Hitmen and Pilots to carry out your evil deeds.

In a recent Tweet, the Evil Genius Twitter account gave an insight into one of the rooms available - the Inner Sanctum. Described as a "safe haven to retreat to" this room will restore the stats of your Evil Genius and Henchmen.

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Reddit Reactions

There's been plenty of praise for the 'Hitmen' and 'Counter-Agents', alongside the feature of 'tourists' randomly appearing at your lair for a visit.

The delay of the game into 2021 was also met with disappointment but also understanding, as many of these fans are from the original game back in 2004. Clearly, they want to see the sequel do justice to its predecessor.

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Which Platforms?

Rebellion have announced it for Steam so far, but it would be great to see it on the next-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X in time.

Even an appearance on Nintendo's Switch or rumoured 'Switch Pro' would be fantastic; being able to play the sequel wherever you are. And we wouldn't say no to a port on PS4 and Xbox One at some point - but maybe that's too optimistic!

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Evil Genius 2 Beta Date is currently unknown

If you want to get involved with Evil Genius 2 before the official release date in March 2021, you'll have to try and get involved with a beta test.

There isn't much information out there regarding a beta right now, but the game's official website does invite you to sign up for the newsletter if you want to learn more. You can do just that at this link.

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