The best Enshrouded builds to use

Best Enshrouded builds - Enemy holds up a weapon

Best Enshrouded builds - Enemy holds up a weapon

Want to know what the best Enshrouded builds are? When you start your adventure in Enshrouded, you might find yourself puzzled about which items to keep and what skills to prioritise when creating a character build.

Crafting your optimal build can be time-consuming, but we've got you covered. In this guide, we’ll take you through the best Enshrouded builds, so you have a better idea of where to begin.

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Best Enshrouded builds - Player looks at gate across the fog
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What are the best Enshrouded builds?

Most of the time, the best build is the one you feel most comfortable handling and one that fits with your playstyle. When investing in Skill Points, you should make sure that they go with your weapon. Opt for skills that provide additional damage over simply boosting primary attributes.

When it comes to equipment, focus on gear that offers valuable stats like stamina, HP regeneration, and mana. Also, don't forget to use food items to enhance your attributes.

For solo early game builds you should prioritise skills like Water Aura, Waters of Life, Double Jump, Wanderlust, and Rebound, and pick equipment such as Adventurer Helmet, Chest, and Gloves, Marksman Trousers, Boots, Medium Backpack, and Advanced Glider.

Once you start progressing through the game, you'll want to specialise in a type of combat. Here's our pick for the best Enshrouded builds depending on whether you prefer magic, melee, or ranged combat.

Best Enshrouded Mage Build

Enshrouded builds - Mage
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When it comes to mage builds in Enshrouded, you'll find that wands outshine staffs. They eliminate the need for ammunition and offer skill enhancements that greatly benefit mages.

  • Skills: Wand Master, Sting, Water Aura, Waters of Life, Double Jump, Wizard, Mass Destruction, Ranger, and Exalted.
  • Equipment: Archmage Hat, Gloom Monarch Chestplate, Elder Gloves, Deerstalker Trousers, Deadeye Boots, and Ring of The Ancients.

Best Enshrouded Melee Build

Enshrouded builds - Melee
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For melee builds in Enshrouded, a one-handed weapon paired with a shield is ideal. If you're playing multiplayer, you can be the frontline DPS or tank in your party, especially if you're relying on team heals.

  • Skills: Swift Blades, Battle Heal, Heavy Plates, Heavy Handed, Ranger, and Power Parry.
  • Equipment: Soldier Helmet, Radiant Paladin Chestplate, Soldier Gloves, Deerstalker Trousers, Deadeye Boots, and Ring of The Ancients.

Best Enshrouded Ranger Build

Enshrouded builds - Ranger
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If your choice of combat is a bow and arrow, we should probably tell you that bows lag behind wands in Enshrouded. Nevertheless, if you're comfortable with the ranger build, here's what you should pick:

  • Skills: Sharpshooter, Sniper, Skill Shot, Ranger, Water Aura, Waters of Life, Multi Shot, and Graceful Stride.
  • Equipment: Deerstalker Hood, Radiant Paladin Chestplate, Deerstalker Gloves, Deerstalker Trousers, Deadeye Boots, and Ring of The Ancients.

That's the end of our guide on the best Enshrouded builds. Before you go, don't forget to check out all the Enshrouded Shroud Root locations. Also, feel free to take a look at our guide on how to get Enshrouded Resin.

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