How to fix Final Fantasy 14 error 2002

How to fix Final Fantasy 14 error 2002

How to fix Final Fantasy 14 error 2002

If you are plagued by Final Fantasy 14 error 2002, we can help!

Final Fantasy 14 is a massively popular MMORPG that has captivated players worldwide with its immersive gameplay and captivating storyline. Many, however, have been impacted by Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker error 2002, which has been stopping players from being able to play the game.

In this article, we'll explain exactly what this error is, and what any potential fixes might be. Let's help you get back into Hydaelyn.

How to fix Final Fantasy 14 error 2002

Depending on the underlying cause of this issue, there are a few different steps to try to fix error 2002. It's difficult to establish whether the issue is caused by a server issue or a player issue at first glance, so try the following steps:

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable. This appears to be the single biggest factor at the moment. So if possible, switch from WiFi to an Ethernet connection.
  • It's also worth trying to minimise the amount of traffic on your network. So close down any apps you aren't using. And try not to stream a 4K movie at the same time.
  • If you are on PS4 or PS5, check your power saving settings as well, in case this is causing you to disconnect from the server whilst queuing.
  • Sometimes, the issue doesn't appear to be affected by your internet connection. In these cases, it may be worth waiting and trying to play at a different time when the servers are quieter.

If none of these fixes works, check the official Twitter feed @FF_XIV_EN for updates. You can also check out their support pages if you need further help. But what exactly is this error? And what causes it? We'll cover that next.

What is Final Fantasy 14 error 2002?

Final Fantasy 14 error 2002 happens when too many players are trying to join a particular world. Initially, this number was 17000. But after a recent deployment of some backup machines, that number increased to 21000.

Even with this increase, error 2002 still appears at peak times. This is because there are so many people trying to play at the same time. Essentially, when the queue reaches the maximum number of players, any new players will see this error.

Additionally, players who are in the queue for an extended period may also see this error as a result of issues relating to their own internet connection. In this case, error 2002 is caused primarily by packet loss or an unstable Wi-Fi connection. The game waits for up to a minute for you to reconnect. But eventually, it times out. Players then need to go to the back of the queue.

While understandably frustrating, the game developers have already taken measures to address this error. Hopefully, as player numbers begin to stabilise, this error will be much less frequent. But until such times, the fixes we've outlined above are your best bet for getting back up and running.


Since we first published this article, there has been a further update from Square Enix.

Investigations into error 2002 have identified a bug, which they believe will be fixed by downloading Patch 6.01, which is scheduled for Tuesday, December 21. This is a separate issue for players who have an unstable internet connection. It's therefore still important to ensure that your connection is working properly.

Additionally, they have also confirmed that the ongoing issue with player numbers shows little sign of abating. So they have taken the unusual decision of suspending sales of the game. Essentially, long wait times are being caused by play demand far exceeding capacity on the servers.

If you already have your copy of the game, then this won't affect you. Just ensure you download the patch as soon as you can, to put an end to Final Fantasy 14 error 2002.

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