Elden Ring Bloodstains Error: How To See Who Died On Elden Ring

As everyone knows, bloodstains are difficult to wash out. And in Elden Ring, they are likely to be everywhere. So it's all the more frustrating when an Elden Ring Bloodstains Error removes the one benefit they might have. Sure, blood everywhere isn't ideal, but if it lets you know who died, and how, it can at least help to keep you alive. So on balance, it's probably worth it. But when the bloodstains stop sharing their secrets, then that benefit is instantly lost.

If you find yourself on Elden Ring and wishing you'd picked up a bottle of bloodstain remover instead of the Banished Knight's Halberd, then read on. We will explain what this error is, and what, if anything, you might be able to do about it.

How To See Who Died On Elden Ring

As we said at the beginning, bloodstains on Elden Ring are more than just cosmetic. When a player encounters blood, they can use the 'Touch Bloodstain' function to discover who died, and more importantly, how they died. This will give you a clue about any upcoming dangers, which could be crucial in your own battle for survival.

But if you are unable to use this function, here's what you may be able to do about it:

  • Make sure the game is fully updated. Check for any pending updates, and install them as soon as you can. After a game is launched, updates can come thick and fast, especially when issues have been identified.
  • You'll also need to ensure you have a working internet connection, as this function very much relies on being linked to the game servers. Ideally, use a wired connection rather than WiFi, as this will normally be more stable. It's also important to minimise use of other bandwidth-heavy apps if you can.
  • A simple system restart may also help, by refreshing your internet connection, and your link to the game servers.

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If nothing works, then we'd recommend getting in touch with the game developers for further support. You can also follow their official Twitter account @ELDENRING, where they'll provide updates about upcoming hotfixes and other patches.

What Is The Elden Ring Bloodstains Error?

As we have hopefully made clear by now, the bloodstains error is when the usual functionality of a bloodstain is unavailable on Elden Ring. Usually, a player can use a bloodstain to get valuable information about how other players have died. But the error means this isn't happening. These stains just sit like regular blood, mocking you for your lack of insight, and absence of suitable cleaning products.

The developer has yet to provide a definitive explanation for why this is happening. But the bloodstain error appears to have emerged after the most recent patch for the game. This may indicate a link, as they seemed to be working before this was made available. It could of course, also be the result of a server-related issue.

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Whatever the reason, it's a frustrating issue, which will hopefully be swiftly resolved by a future update. But in the meantime, try our fixes, and hopefully, you'll see an improvement.

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