Does the Xbox Series S have a disc drive? Can it play the same games as Xbox Series X?

Thanks to a leak overnight, we finally have a full reveal for the Xbox Series S. That's right, despite the whole world already having seen plenty of information to suggest it was coming, we're still happy to actually see the thing.

That means we've got a lot more to go on than just the leaks we've had up until this point, and that means we can properly answer your questions.

With the Xbox Series S being less powerful than the Xbox Series X, a lot of people are wondering how it can compete in the next-gen.

Well, here's what you need to know about the Xbox Series S.

Does the Xbox Series S have a disc drive?

Given that backwards compatibility is such a big deal for Microsoft, you'd think that they'd have disc drives all over the place.

However, that's not the case with the Xbox Series S, there is no disc drive here.

That might mean that backwards compatibility is limited to digital-only, or there could be some kind of system to help translate older-gen games onto this console.

This does beg the question though, what else can the Xbox Series X do that the Xbox Series S can't?

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Will the Xbox Series S be able to play the same games as the Xbox Series X?

Well, the good news is that that should be the only difference.

Despite the sizeable difference in power, the Xbox Series S should be able to play every game that the Xbox Series X can.

Now, there will be some caveats to that, probably with regards to lower framerates or resolutions, but the official line is that it'll be able to keep up with the next-gen.

We have some suspicions though. Despite the value of the Series S, especially when you consider Game Pass, it's hard to not imagine it struggling as the next-gen goes on. Just look at how loud the current-gen consoles are when playing the latest games. Time will tell.

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