Dreamlight Valley Quest Bug: How To Fix The Wall-E Fire Extinguisher Bug, Garnets For Scrooge Bug And The 'With Great Power' Quest Bug

Mickey Mouse, Merlin and a woman look across a bridge to a magical castle - dreamlight valley quest bug
Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse, Merlin and a woman look across a bridge to a magical castle - dreamlight valley quest bug
Credit: Disney

The appeal of Dreamlight Valley is unmistakable (what will all those lovable Disney characters) but one thing that is certainly not lovable is the Disney Dreamlight Valley Quest Bug.

There are a lot of bugs that have been identified in Dreamlight Valley, and today we'll take a look at a couple of the most common. We'll explore some general tips, should you run into issues with any other quests.

How To Fix The 'With Great Power' Quest Bug

Players are given the "With Great Power' quest by Merlin. You are required to plant a specific sequence of crops in order to progress.

Occasionally, players make a mistake, and plant the wrong crops. But instead of being able to simply try again, the soil disappears, and they are unable to replant the correct crops.

Fortunately, Gameloft Support offers a potential workaround for this issue:

We are sorry you have run into this challenge when playing. We recommend you dig and plant again.

Use your shovel, do some digging, and this time, plant the correct crops. You should be fine after that.

How To Fix The Wall-E Fire Extinguisher Bug

If you are trying to complete the quest with everyone's favourite sentient trash compactor, you may reach a stage where the game says you have the fire extinguisher, when, in fact, you do not.

In this instance, you are unable to progress. And unfortunately, there is no definitive workaround. We just need to wait for a fix, which the game developers promise is inbound.

How To Fix The Garnets For Scrooge Bug

Another Disney Dreamlight Valley quest bug that arises is when you try to deliver some garnets to Scrooge McDuck so you can purchase the fire extinguisher. With this glitch, the garnets you mine don't register, which means you can't pay him.

Some players have found that restarting the game resolves this issue. So it's well worth trying, rather than mining for garnets for the rest of time.

General Dreamlight Valley Quest Fixes

It's important to acknowledge that Dreamlight Valley is currently in early access, and errors, bugs and glitches are part of the development process.

The developers of the game, Gameloft, have assured players that a fix will be provided in the very near future. As well as fixing these bugs, it will address a number of issues, such as a fix for changing clothes, Founder's Pack issues, Error 7, Switch crashes, and others.

So keep a close eye on the official Twitter feed for further news regarding updates. download and install any updates as soon as they become available, in order to resolve as many of these issues as possible.

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