Disco Elysium fan makes a playable Game Boy version - here's how to get it

Disco Elysium was one of the runaway hits of last year thanks to its clever narrative, beautiful art style, and the ability to die in the first minute of the game if you failed to grab your tie correctly.

It's been one whole year since the game came out, and to celebrate one fan went ahead and made a homage to it.

It's not just any homage though, it's a demake.

To be specific, it's a demake of the opening couple of hours in the style of an original Game Boy game.

Disco Elysium but make it Game Boy

This version of the game is described by the creator @BloodyStapler (either a generally good name or a specific horror idea for Halloween) on Twitter as being "A port of Disco Elysium for Nintendo Game Boy. Well, the first part of it at least."

It's stunning, frankly, and seeing this wonderful game in one of the best styles in gaming history is definitely worth a look.

It's all the more impressive that it's not just a mock-up or a piece of art, but actually a game, and potentially the first of many parts to bring the game to an older generation.

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Where can you play Disco Elysium Game Boy Edition?

If you're thinking "well oh boy mister, we'd love sure love to get our hands on this", then you're in luck.

If you want to play this unique take on Disco Elysium you can do so by heading on over to the itch.io page for it.

It's worth noting that this is the second game put out by the creator, with the first being an arcade-style game called Brawlosseum. Maybe they'll be doing even greater things as they put out more games, who can say.

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