Diablo Immortal Weekly Reset: When Does Diablo Immortal Reset?

Diablo Immortal Necromancer
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo Immortal Necromancer
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

If you are scrambling in an effort to complete all the available tasks in the game, then you'll be relieved to know about the Diablo Immortal weekly reset, which ensures that you won't, miss out on anything. So don't worry about having to complete everything on a day.

In fact, Diablo Immortal has multiple different reset cycles - daily, weekly, and PvP and PvE resets. We'll explain what the key aspects of each reset is, and when they take place.

When Does Diablo Immortal Reset?

As we mentioned above, Diablo Immortal has a variety of reset cycles - some are daily, and some are weekly. Knowing what resets, and when, will allow you to make the most of every opportunity to complete quests, acquire resources, and level up.

Here are the key times for you to be aware of.

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Diablo Immortal Daily Reset Time

Regardless of where you are playing in the world, the local server will reset at 3am local time. The only time this might get confusing is if you are using a VPN, and connecting to a server in a different time zone. You'll just need to figure out the time difference and do some maths.

In terms of content, here is what gets reset each day:

  • Your First Kill of the Day Reward
  • Complete 8 Bounties
  • Side-Quests from the Adventure Seeker
  • Collect the Daily Reward Chest from the Shop
  • Side-Quests in the open world until you collect a maximum of 5 Enchanted Dust
  • Complete Hidden Lairs until you collect a maximum of 6 Gems
  • Collect Monster Essence and collect 3 Bestiary Pages
  • Complete the Shadow Contract
  • Collect 1 Rare Crest from the Elder Rift
  • Collect 3 Daedessa’s Blessing rewards from Elder Rifts
  • Complete Challenge Rifts to claim Daily Rewards
  • Run Battlegrounds 3 times per day - these are available at 8AM, 12PM, 6pm and 10pm server time
  • Purchase Limited Time & Daily items from the Hilt Trader — this resets twice a day
  • Complete the Legacy of the Horadrim/Iben’s Sanctuary and open reward chests
  • Enter the Shadow Lottery (Akeba’s Signet Reward) - these are available at 12pm, 6pm and 9pm server time.
  • Complete special world events only available on specific days - for example, Haunted Carriage or Ancient Nightmare.

Diablo Immortal PvP Battleground Event Reset

Battleground events allow you to earn Reforge Stones, that are usually only available by spending actual, real-life money. So they are pretty desirable.

These events are available for two hours at a time, at 8am, 12pm, 6pm and 10pm server time.

In order to access these events, speak to the Battleground Captain in Westmarch. He's on a balcony.

Diablo Immortal PvE Zone Event Reset

Like PvP battleground events, PvE zone events are a great opportunity to gain experience, acquire resources and build your wealth. Each event is available between 9am and 11pm server time, each day.

There is a wide range of events that spawn during the day:

  • Haunted Carriage in Ashwold Cemetery - respawns every two hours
  • Purify the Corruption in Dark Wood - spawns when you enter the area
  • Lost Artifacts in Shassar Sea - you need an enemy to drop a 'mysterious scroll' - this is random though.
  • Kulle's Hidden Chamber in the Library of Zoltun Kulle - spawns when you have collected 5 lost pages. There is also the possibility of randomly spawning one of the bosses in the zone - the Sandstone Golem or the Fleshcraft Hydra.
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  • Ancient Arena in Bilefen - spawns every three hours
  • Ancient Nightmare in Mount Cavan - spawns every two hours
  • Call of the Ancients in Frozen Tundra - spawns when the meter is filled

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Diablo Immortal Weekly Reset

Weekly content is reset at the same time as daily content - 3am server time. It takes place every Monday.

The content that is reset is as follows:

  • Challenge Rifts - get as high as possible to earn Weekly Rewards
  • Codex Quests for Battle Points
  • Complete 3 Contracts
  • Complete Elder Rift runs until you collect the maximum of 320 Fading Embers
  • Defeat Helliquary Raid Bosses
  • Complete Vault of the Immortals runs for maximum Weekly Rewards - these are available from 12pm-2pm and 7pm-9pm
  • Purchase Weekly items from the Hilt Trader
  • Collect 4 Blessing from The Assembly event — Assembly events are available Wednesdays and Saturdays between 2pm-10pm.

When Is Diablo Immortal Season 3?

Many players will be eagerly awaiting the new season of Diablo Immortal. Unless you're the guy who spent 100k on the game and now can't find anyone to play with.

But for everyone else, here's what you need to know about Season 3.

Season 3 started in August 4 2022, and the Battle Pass will run until September 1, ending at 2.59am local server time.

There are two premium version of the Battle Pass, which allows you to gain additional rewards as you rise through the 40 new ranks that are available. These are the Empowered Battle Pass, and the Collector's Empowered Battle Pass.

And perhpas most importantly in relation to when the game resets itself, there is a new daily event, called the Wrathbone Invasion. This will reset at 12pm local server time. In this event, players will need to repel hordes of elite demons, in exchange for rewards such as Enchanted Dust.

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