Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Not Pre-Loading On PS4: How To Fix The Witch Queen Pre-Loading Error

If you've been eagerly anticipating the release of The Witch Queen for Destiny 2, the wait is finally over. And to help speed things up, Bungie very kindly made pre-loading available on all platforms, so that the game is available immediately after the "official" release time. That's the theory, at least. PS4 users are reporting The Witch Queen not pre-loading properly. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, we'll tell you everything you need to know.

How To Fix The Witch Queen Pre-Loading Error

In good news, Bungie has already recognised that this is a problem, and has taken steps to address it. In a Twitter post by @BungieHelp, they stated the following:

Due to an unforeseen issue, PS4 Required Content is not yet available for download. Players using the PS4 version of Destiny 2 can download these files at 9 AM PST tomorrow when Update becomes available. All Required Content is ~72 GB total. Stay tuned for updates.

In other words, once the clock ticks round to 9AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) PS4 players will be able to get hold of the relevant files for the game, and download them.

While this may not be an ideal solution (and, as usual, the gaming community have been swift to make their feelings known) it does at least mean that PS4 players will be able to play The Witch Queen as soon as possible after it launches. Which is probably about as much as Bungie could realistically do in the short time frame available.

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Subsequently, Bungie advised players via Twitter that they, "must log into the game to start the rest of their Witch Queen download".

What Is The Pre-Loading Error?

As we stated earlier, the pre-loading error has prevented PS4 players from downloading the files for The Witch Queen, which will almost certainly lead to a slight delay before those players can access the game.

It's unclear what precisely led to this issue. Bungie has simply described it as "an unforeseen issue". Which isn't really surprising. If it had been foreseen, we'd all be wondering why they hadn't done anything about it. But it still doesn't shed any light on what exactly that issue was.

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The main thing though, is that there is a solution. So PS4 players are not going to be left in purgatory for days after the game launches, while everyone else gets to enjoy it. Which is better than nothing.

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