Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater: How To Fix Anteater Error In Destiny 2, And What Does Error Code Anteater Mean?

The Destiny 2 Anteater Error Code has been effecting players for a while now. We've all been there haven't we. Minding our own business, before out of nowhere, an errant Anteater comes out of nowhere and changes your life. Whether that's stealing your partner, sacking you from your job, or just stopping you from playing Destiny 2, it still hurts.

With our help though, you'll soon be sending that Anteater back to wherever it is that Anteaters come from. Antworld, perhaps. Here's everything we can tell you about how to fix the Destiny 2 Anteater Error Code.

How To Fix Anteater Error In Destiny 2

This is, unfortunately, one error code that is quite hard to pin down. As such, there are several different approaches to fixing the Destiny 2 Anteater Error:

  • As so often, one of the first things to do is to check the server status of the game. If there is a server error, then you'll need to wait before that has been resolved, before trying again.
  • But if the Destiny 2 servers are behaving as they should be, then it's time to start running through all the usual checks. Start by power cycling your console or PC.
  • If this doesn't work, start looking at your internet connection. Restarting your router is often a good tactic. And then check that your internet connection is working. Run a speed test, see if other devices or apps are working. If you can, try switching from a WiFi connection to a wireless one, as these are often more stable. It's also worth minimising the number of other devices or apps that are sharing the network, taking up bandwidth.
Error Code Anteater
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If none of these steps is effective, then Bungie have provided some additional network troubleshooting steps. But what else do we know about the Destiny 2 Anteater Error?

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What Does Error Code Anteater Mean?

The Destiny 2 Anteater Error Code has been described by Bungie as a "general networking issue". In other words, there are several reasons why this could be happening: an issue with your ISP, an issue with your internet connection, or a problem with the Destiny 2 servers.

Whatever the cause of the problem, the result is the same. Players have been reporting having this issue multiple times a day, and at critical junctures in the game, making it impossible to play.

As frustrating as this is, Bungie are at least actively tracking the issue. Which means that hopefully they'll also be able to provide a permanent fix for it. In the meantime, your best hope is the solutions we outlined above.

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