Denuvo anti-cheat is coming to PS5

Controversial PC anti-cheat technology Denuvo is coming to PlayStation 5. After years of PC exclusivity – for better or worse – PlayStation users may get more secure multiplayer games in the future.

Announced via a press release, Denuvo creators Irdeto expelled that the company has joined the "exclusive PlayStation 5 Tools and Middleware program." From now on, developers of PS5 games will be able to incorporate the anti-cheat software in their games.

What is Denuvo anti-cheat on PS5?

Irdeto's anti-cheat technology is a software layer that third-party developers can incorporate into their games to stop hackers from manipulating gameplay. Much like on PC, the Denuvo solution helps to make multiplayer games more secure.

The developer states that Denuvo helps protect games by "preventing cheaters from changing sensitive variables". According to the press release, multiple PS5 launch games have already incorporated the anti-cheat software.

"Cheating ruins video games for honest players,” said Denuvo Managing Director, Reinhard Blaukovitsch. “This can lead to lower engagement, game traffic and shrinking revenues for game publishers."

Will this anti-cheat software ruin performance?

Denuvo's anti-cheat software isn't the same as the DRM anti-piracy methods on PC. While the controversial PC DRM solution has been known to affect performance, this PS5 version shouldn't change much.

Irdeto states that the technology "has no negative impact on in-game performance". Additionally, the service is described as "non-intrusive" for developers. This means that developers won't have to worry about sacrificing precious development time on stopping sneaky little cheaters.

It's important to realise that anti-cheat methods are becoming more relevant these days. Not only are cheat tools more readily available online than ever before, but the openness of cross-play has caused console players to frequently come across cheaters in-game.

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