How to fix Death Stranding error code 51003

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Death Stranding error code 51003 - How to fix the server unstable issue

If you are experiencing Death Stranding error code 51003, we have some tips for you.

Death Stranding, the action game developed by Kojima Productions, has garnered a lot of attention lately, thanks to Epic Games' free Christmas giveaway. However, this has inadvertently caused quite a few players to encounter error code 51003 when trying to play the game.

So in this guide, we will discuss what this error code means and offer some suggestions on what to do about it. Let's get right into it!

How to fix Death Stranding error code 51003

Death Stranding error code 51003 can pop up while playing or trying to get into an online game. It is accompanied by an error message that reads:

Connection to Death Stranding game server is unstable.
Switching to Offline Mode…

Error Code: 51003

Seemingly, the error code 51003 is a result of overloaded game servers. Since Death Stranding is currently free on Epic Games Store, a large number of players claimed the free copy, resulting in unprecedented server traffic.

So to fix Death Stranding error code 51003, you have to wait for the fuss to subside or for the devs to scale up their game servers to match the demand. Another option is to try playing the game during non-peak hours.

Luckily, the developer 505 Games are aware of the issue, s we can hope that they will fix it asap.

Is Death Stranding servers down?

Death Stranding doesn't have a dedicated server status page, so we don't know for sure. Also, they haven't posted anything on their official Twitter page about the servers being down.

However, Downdetector suggests that many players are experiencing connection issues and are often disconnected from the server in the middle of the game. It appears Death Stranding servers are not completely down, but they are overburdened with players.


We hope the devs will fix the issue soon, but it's the holiday season, and they are probably enjoying their time with their families. So, you might have to wait until after the New Year.

Xbox exclusive free-to-play FPS Halo Infinite is the perfect game to play this Christmas, in our opinion. So, give it a try while you wait for the Death Stranding servers to get fixed.

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