Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 release date: When does the game come to PlayStation 5, and how do you upgrade from PS4 to PS5 version?

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The reviews for CD Projekt Red’s latest game are coming in thick and fast this week, and while there’s a lot of praise, there’s also many concerns.

However, customers are waiting for their pre-order to arrive on Friday, after what feels like years of waiting for this day to arrive.

But there are still questions about the upgrade to a PS5 version. There will only be boxed copies to buy for the PS4 version, and the same goes for the PS Store.

With that, let’s clear the air of confusion and see just what the process will be on how your copy will be able to be upgraded to take advantage of the PlayStation 5.

Release Date

While Cyberpunk drops on Friday 10th December, CD Projekt RED have been bullish as to what the next-gen upgrade will contain, and when it will land.

It looks as though that they do have plans to release one upgrade on release day, and another in the future.

It’s important to know that there is no extra cost for these next-gen upgrades; it will be free, regardless of whether you bought it now or later for your PlayStation 4.

It’s already been confirmed that a 90GB patch is being delivered on release day, which will bring some fixes to issues described in some reviews, alongside some rumoured graphical upgrades.

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How to Upgrade to PS5 Version

Essentially, it will be a matter of waiting for a patch to arrive as you play the game on your PlayStation 5. While there will be no issue in playing Cyberpunk 2077 on your new console, CD Projekt RED have only confirmed that a next-gen patch is coming in 2021.

From higher resolutions to higher frame rates, alongside taking advantage of the internal-SSD in the PS5, it’s expected that the game will have graphical prowess that the PC version will show when its set to its ‘Very High’ settings.

Over the course of 2020, it’s unfortunate to see developers give complicated guides and even an unlockable next-gen upgrade by way of a one-off payment or ‘Ultimate’ editions of the same game you’ve already bought, so it’s nice to see a straightforward answer for Cyberpunk 2077.

Right now, it’s simply a matter of waiting, but when the game lands on Friday, you’re still going to experience the same game as you will when the next-gen patch lands, just in a slightly lower frame-rate and resolution.

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