Cyberpunk 2077 money glitch: How to get unlimited money with the 'Space Oddity' glitch

The game by CD Projekt RED has certainly had polarising viewpoints since its release last week, no thanks to the company's sketchy justifications.

But if you're still enjoying the game in some way while they try to fix the plethora of bugs, there's still a glitch that can allow you to gain unlimited money.

While you can loot successfully with no bugs so far, gaining more money, much faster can allow you to buy more-powerful weapons and much more.

Here's how to exploit the glitch.

Using the Glitch

Once you reach Act 2 of the game, a side-job known as 'Space Oddity' will appear on your list, after completing 'Playing for Time' quest.

The mission will prompt you to go and speak to the homeless individual in 'Rancho Coronado', all about the suitcase they have.

Obtain the 'access shard' by the dumpster that's on the fresh corpse, and you'll be able to open 'launch.exe' found in the 'Files' option that shows the location of a drop point.

Once you go to this location, defeat the six individuals in Solid-Snake form, and open the drop-pod to complete the job.

You'll obtain a panting that can sell for 4000, which you're able to sell and buy back repeatedly. Exit the 'Dropbox' interface completely and once you go back in, you can buy it back for '5', making you a '3995' profit. Repeat the process, and you'll be a millionaire sooner than Del Boy.

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What You Can Buy

Once you've become a millionaire, you can start to buy certain cyberware upgrades such as:

  • Fuyutsi Electronics MK.1 (15000)
  • Stephensen Tech MK.2 (5000)
  • Biotech MK.3 (25000)
  • Biodyne Berserk MK.4 (35000)

This can save a lot of grinding if other bugs are irritating you enough.

While the game may have its fair share of bugs and controversy, exploiting the game while CD Projekt RED has for its customers seems fair game, so go all out on this exploit before it's patched.

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