Cyberpunk 2077 item duplication glitch: How to fix it, and what you need to avoid doing

It may come as a surprise to you, but Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot of bugs.

Sometimes the bugs cause little trees to appear, sometimes they delete your game, and sometimes essential NPCs go walkies and never return.

The vast majority of the bugs are incredibly bad for you, but this one can actually be used to your advantage.

So, here's what you need to know about the Cyberpunk 2077 item duplication glitch.

What causes the Cyberpunk 2077 item duplication glitch

This particular glitch occurs if you sell something and then use specific inputs at the same time.

This causes an error where the stock at the place you've sold your item goes wrong and basically becomes infinite which allows you to buy as many as you can afford.

So, you'll need to have a lot of money to hand if you want to take advantage of this glitch and make sure you don't accidentally cheat by hacking the game about how hacking is bad and capitalism is evil or something. Heaven forbid.

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How to avoid the Cyberpunk 2077 item duplication glitch

So, because you don't want to cheat the system, especially not in a game that's so full of bugs that it got pulled from the PSN store, here's what you need to avoid doing if you don't want to accidentally break the game.

  • Head to a selling terminal anywhere in the world, they're marked by a white cube on the map
  • Choose the item you want to duplicate and then sell it to the terminal
  • Exit out of the terminal, you can moonwalk while doing so, but it won't change anything
  • Press both the pause and sell buttons and the same time
  • Re-enter the terminal, you should notice that the resolution is a bit off and you should notice that your level and Street Cred won't be there
  • Buy back the item as many times as you want
  • Profit?

So yeah, don't do that.

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