Cyberpunk 2077 is full of bugs, according to reviews

CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 is possibly the most anticipated game of the PS4/Xbox One era- despite technically launching in the next-gen of console gaming.

With Cyberpunk releasing in just a couple of days on December 10, reviews by outlets who received early copies are starting to come in, and one thing is clear. Cyberpunk 2077 is a good game, but it is plagued with bugs.

We've rounded up some of the bugs reviewers have already experienced. You can check them out below:

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What bugs does Cyberpunk 2077 have?

Despite only a select few having played Cyberpunk 2077, we already know what bugs to look out for when we jump into Night City. It seems that most of the glitches reviewers experienced revolve around graphical issues such as seeing character models in the 'T-Pose'

The iconic T-Pose is as much a meme as it is a bug. In Andrew Reiner's review for Game Informer, he cited frequent bugs, including the T-Pose.

"Not since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have I played a game that is riddled with so many graphical bugs at launch," Reiner commented. "The danger of entering a seedy bar loses its bite when one of its patrons stands motionless in a T-pose."

It appears these animation bugs made up a hefty proportion of the issues in Cyberpunk, with other reviewers also mentioning characters spinning around uncontrollably and standing up in a car during climatic chase sequences.

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We'll have to wait until Cyberpunk's launch to see video footage captured by reviewers.

IGN's review from Tom Marks also mentioned these issues. "I’ve had important or emotional conversations undermined by the characters I was talking to glitching between incorrect poses, or the objects they were holding and referencing not load in at all."

In PC Gamer's review, James Davenport spoke frequently about bugs. "Almost every serious dramatic beat was undercut by some kind of bug, ranging from a UI crowded by notifications and crosshairs failing to disappear, to full-on scripting errors halting otherwise rad action scenes," Davenport said. "What should've been my favorite main quest venture, a thrilling infiltration mission set in a crowded public event, was ruined by two broken elevators."

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Why is Cyberpunk 2077 so buggy?

It's hard to know for sure what causes Cyberpunk's bugs, but one could question whether the game was truly ready for launch.

With the game already delayed multiple times from its original April release date, December 10 is perhaps the final date of 2020 in which Cyberpunk could have released. Had CD Projekt Red delayed its flagship game further, it would have missed out on the lucrative Christmas sales period. Combining the necessity for sales with the likely backlash developers would receive from fans, it seems Cyberpunk 2077 needed to come out this side of 2021.

Of course, Cyberpunk 2077 is a modern game, meaning it will receive a Day One patch. On top of a 43GB patch, players will also receive a second update on December 10, according to CDPR's Fabian Mario Döhla.

Hopefully, for those who buy Cyberpunk 2077, these patches, and subsequent patches in the post-launch window, will fix a good portion of the bugs and glitches currently present. It's worth noting that CDPR's previous hit, The Witcher 3, was also plagued with bugs at launch, and is now heralded as one of the best games of all-time.

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Should I buy Cyberpunk 2077?

Despite all the bugs and glitches, the majority of reviews for Cyberpunk are still positive. Its OpenCritic and Metacritic scores are both 91, making it among the highest-rated games of 2020.

However, if you've got a PlayStation or Xbox console, these reviews are all specifically from PC builds. No outlet has had the chance to playthrough the PS4 or Xbox One version yet, so you might want to wait to see how well the console version holds up.

If you're not sold on the PS4 or Xbox One version, you might want to wait for Cyberpunk 2077's next-gen update, allegedly set for some time in 2021.

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