Crab Game Hacks: Best Crab Game Hacks And Cheats

The Crab Game has been one of the most popular games out there since it hit the scene. The rules and regulations are very simple, but they will give you trouble if you do not have an edge in Crab Game. For this reason, it's never easy to win the ultimate prize in Crab Game. However, the Crab Game Hack and Cheats can change things up for you and dramatically improve your chances of winning.

So, ready for some of the best crab game hacks and cheats? We’ll take a look at the best hacks for Crab Game.

Best Crab Game Hacks and Cheats

If you are struggling to win the crab game, here are the best Crab Game hacks you can use. With these Crab Game Hacks, you can gain an upper hand over your opponents and make winning the game easy for you. Listed below are the amazing features of this Crab Game Hacks.

Hack Features: God-Mode, Anti-Slap-Knockback, Player ESP, Breaking Platforms ESP, Different Fly-Modes and Fly-Speed Settings, Multijump and Jump Height Settings, No Slap-Cooldown, MEGA-Slap, Teleport to last saved Position, Right-Click Teleport, Fly Noclip Items/Weapons Menu, Player-Speed Setting, Save Position & Teleport back.

Hack Installation (BepInEx):

  1. Download the lastest BepInEx Build, the file name should start with "BepInEx_UnityIL2CPP".
  2. Dowload CrabGame_Cheat_BepInEx.dll
  3. Extract the Zip archive in your Crab Game Installation Folder(Steam -> Right Click Crab Game -> Manage -> Browse local Files).
  4. Start the Game and then close it once you are in the MainMenu.
  5. Create a new Folder in "/BepInEx/plugins" and name it "CrabGame Cheat", then copy the CrabGame_Cheat_BepInEx.dll into it.

Keybinds:Anti Knockback = Num 0God-Mode = Num +Fly-Cheats = Num /Jump-Cheats = Num *MEGA-Slap = Num -Speed-Cheats = Num ENTERSave current Position = UTeleport to saved Position = TFly-NoClip = Num COMMA/PERIODClick Teleport = RMB

As of now, these are the only available features. However, in the future, more exciting features will be added to this Crab Game Hack. As of now, Crab Game is only available on PC via Steam. However, there are rumours that the game is coming to PS4, Xbox and Mobile.

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What is Crab Game?

Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you compete for money while playing dystopian versions of children’s games. Sounds familiar? Well, according to the developer, Crab Game is “definitely not based on any online streaming pop culture Korean TV shows, as that would get me in legal trouble, so we’re certainly not doing that”.

Having been released in late October, the free-to-play game has received plenty of positive reviews. There are many reasons why people love playing Crab Game so much. First, it mimics the famous Korean series Squid Game. Also, it's simple to play and has a wide range of options.

The game is very simple, but the gameplay can be difficult. If you do not have a good strategy, then you will struggle to win. This is where our Crab Game Cheats come in, it can make your life a lot easier, giving you the best chance of winning.

Crab Game includes minigames like Red Light Green Light, The Floor is Lava and The Maze Game. Besides, the developers of the game will also add more minigames in the future. The games are not easy as it sounds. Crab Game Hacks are your best bet if you want to win the game.

Crab game is available on PC, MobileCheck back here for updated Crab Game Hacks and Cheats!

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