Control PS1 April Fools shows the power-hungry game on nineties tech

There's foolishness in the air and video game developer Remedy Entertainment reeks of it. In celebration of the day journalists fear, Remedy has released a video of a Control PS1 demake. Unfortunately, it makes me miss my childhood. Damn you, nineties nostalgia!

Released on YouTube, the Control 1996 gameplay teaser gives players a look at what the hit Remedy game would look like on the original PlayStation.  The answer is: it looks awesome.

What is the Control PS1 demake

Remedy's Control PS1 demake takes players back to the mid-nineties with a cutesy deconstruction of the company's latest release.  Shown through a short 50-second video, the Control PS1 April Fools stunt shows protagonist Jesse Faden blasting through bad guys.

Remedy has recreated numerous locations from the real game in condensed form with adorable low-poly models. The iconic red hallway is now muted, the atrium is adorably chunky and the game's foreboding hallways are now a cute grey with obvious colour banding.

The video is a fantastic recreation (decreation) of the original game. Even though it’s an idealisation of Control in the nineties, it still shows how far console technology has come. Games look good now!

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Is it real?

Absolutely. Okay, no, but it should be. Just like the best April Fools stunts, Remedy's Control PS1 demake looks like a riot. While it's not a real product, it sure would be a great addition to any retro gamer's collection. With that said, it's not real and likely won't ever be real.

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