CoD Warzone New Map: How to play Rebirth Island, and is it replacing Verdansk?

With the big Call of Duty Warzone update nearly upon us, and it really is a doozy, players all around the world are getting really curious about Rebirth Island.

Despite it sounding like the kind of spiritual retreat that you'd expect just a bunch of cultists to rock up on after making you take a personality test on the back of a mouldy piece of paper, it's actually not that, which is good.

But what is Rebirth Island, is it filled with the undead (it does sound like a zombies map), or is it just covered in phoenixes.

Well, how about we all find out together.

What is Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island is actually a new map for Warzone, but it's one that only supports up to 40 players, which means matches are likely to be a little more intense and close-quarters.

It's actually based on the Alcatraz map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which means that if it feels familiar then you're probably a long time fan of the series itself.

It's also got its own Gulag system so you'll still be coming back to life if you're good enough to manage it.

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How to play on Rebirth Island

You can access Rebirth Island by playing in a different mode called Resurgence Trios. This is a playlist in Warzone that you can select in order to play. Which is basically how all game modes work.

You'll then be sent to the island where you'll get to respawn as long as one of your teammates is alive, this can make the games a bit more interesting for players who might not be as skilled as their friends.

It's only around for a little while, so make sure you try it out just in case it never comes back.

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