How to Share a Game between PS4 and PS5 2024

PS5 Game Share with PS4 - An image of a PS4 and a PS5

PS5 Game Share with PS4 - An image of a PS4 and a PS5

With the jump from one console generation to the next, a commonly discussed topic is the specifics of PS5 game share features. For example, can the PS5 game share with PS4?

There are plenty of people out there wanting to combine the PS5 and PS4 experiences together. Whether it's connecting a PS5 controller to PS4, or wanting to cross-play from PS5 to PS4, the lines between the generations remain blurred, at least for now.

We'll take a look at exactly what game sharing is, how it works, and whether you can do it between console generations. And if so, how exactly do you do it? So sit back, relax, and read on for everything you need to know about inter-generational game sharing.

Can You Game Share between a PS4 and a PS5?

Yes, you can share games between the PS4 and PS5.

The backwards compatibility element of the PS5 is one way in which you can do this. With many PS4 titles, they will also be upscaled to play at 60fps, making the games even more beautiful. So if you were previously the owner of a PS4, simply logging in to your PS5 with the same account will give you access to those digital games you already own.

But what if you want to game share with a friend? The good news is that this also seems to be doable, by following the steps mentioned in the section below.

How to Game Share between PS4 and PS5

Sharing between generations isn't any harder than sharing between two consoles of the same kind. To share games from PS5 to PS4:

  • Add the PSN account from your PS5 to the PS4.
  • Set the PS4 as the primary system for that account.
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  • Go into the games library and download whichever games you want. Any games that have a PS4 version will be available. This has the potential added bonus of making all the games from the PS Plus Collection available.

You can also share games in reverse, from PS4 to PS5:

  • Add the PSN account from the PS4 on your PS5.
  • Allow Console Sharing and Offline Play on that account.
  • To do this, go to Settings Users and Accounts > Other Console Sharing and Offline Play
  • Select Enable.
  • As above, go into the games library, and choose whichever games you want.

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What Is PlayStation Game Sharing?

The two generations of PlayStation consoles each have a slightly different version of this concept. On the PS4, you could set a console as your primary PlayStation. This meant that anyone who logged onto that console could then play any games that you downloaded.

On the PS5, the Console Sharing and Offline Play features work very similarly. This allows you to link a specific console to your account, and then other users of that console can share your games and media. The great benefit of this is that if your account owns any digital PS4 titles, then backwards compatibility means that many of those games will be available to whoever is logging onto your PS5.

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