Is PUBG on Nintendo Switch?



PlayerUnknown's BattleGround, or PUBG, for the sake of writers everywhere, is an online multiplayer battle royale game. As with so many popular games, there is a question mark over whether or not it is available to play on Nintendo Switch. The Switch has made an increasing number of third party games available, so is PUBG one of them? Let's take a look.

Is PUBG on Nintendo Switch?

PUBG is available on a wide variety of platforms: Android, PC, iOS, Google Stadia, Xbox and PlayStation all support this game. Cross-platform support was also added (in a slightly limited form) as far back as February 2020. But about Nintendo players? Are they able to join in the fun?

At the moment, PUBG is not available on Nintendo Switch. Without having a definitive reason why, one possible answer is that the sheer size of the game would make it difficult to run effectively on the Switch. When PUBG arrived on the Xbox One, it was noted that it suffered quite badly from frame-rate issues. Given the Xbox One is a much more powerful console than the Switch, it is a legitimate question as to whether it would be able to cope with the demands of the game without becoming unplayable. In addition, given that Fortnite is available on the Switch, the developers might be wondering whether there would be sufficient demand from Switch players to justify the time, effort, and cost.

Can I play PUBG on Switch?

While the Nintendo Switch doesn't officially offer PUBG, there just might be a way to play it after all. There are players out there who have claimed that by installing Android on their Switch, they have then been able to download and install PUBG Mobile onto their console.

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There are a few caveats to be aware of. If you do decide to go down this route, then you will void any warranty or guarantee on your Switch. You will also be unable to access any support or updates for the Switch from Nintendo. And if you brick your console, you probably won't be happy. But, if you have decided that playing PUBG Mobile is that important to your life, then this might be an option for you to investigate. We haven't tried it ourselves, and you will need to decide if it's something you want to risk. If you've made that decision, you can get some advice here. But don't blame us if it breaks your console.

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