Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS4 vs PS5: Differences, Graphics, Gameplay, Price and More

A soldier in night vision goggles
Credit: Activision

A soldier in night vision goggles
Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has just been announced by Activision, with confirmation that it is due for release later this year. But with such an announcement come questions. Lots of questions.

Questions about when the game will be released, how much will it cost, what features will it have, and will there be guns? Or has Activision, in a major departure for the series, decided instead to focus entirely on negotiations at the United Nations, trade embargoes and dealing with questions about energy security?

We've pulled together everything we can find to explain all the key points ahead of Modern Warfare 2 being released. Here's what you need to know.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Release Date

Let's cut to the chase. The game is scheduled for release on Friday, October 28th. This has been announced as a worldwide release, so we aren't expecting any regions to get it later than others.

There is of course, always the possibility that the release date may need to get pushed back if any problems arise. But at the moment, that's the date we know they are aiming for.

MW2 Beta

Activision has confirmed that prior to launch, players will be able to access a Modern Warfare 2 beta. You can gain access to this by preordering the game.

The beta will be free to play, and is expected to last for a minimum of two days.

If we use Vanguard as a reference point, they held an alpha test in late August, followed by a longer beta test in September. So we can pencil in a similar window this time around.

Additionally, while the open beta will be available across all platforms for the game, PS4 and PS5 owners will get early access, at least 5 days before anyone else. This is stated on the following trailer:

Any progress you make during the beta will not be carried over into the final game.

Update: According to Ralph Valve (via whatifgaming) the Modern Warfare 2 Beta has been lined up for mid-September. The expectation is that it will last for two weeks, with the specifics as follows:

Weekend 1 will be a PlayStation exclusive. Early access will be on September 15th-16th, with the open Beta on September 17th-19th.

Weekend 2 will be a Cross-play Beta, with early access on September 22nd-23rd, and the open beta on September 24th-26th.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Graphics

Graphically, we'd absolutely expect this to be the prettiest COD game yet. This is especially true of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions. The developers, Infinity Ward, will have had around 2 years to get used to the new generation of technology, and we'd fully expect to see big differences between this game and something like Vanguard.

Some of the things we already know are that MW II will use the same engine that debuted with Modern Warfare in 2019. They describe it as "the most advanced Call of Duty in history, with a truly immersive experience with stunningly realistic sound, lighting and graphics".

They also talk about "state-of-the-art photogrammetry", "world volumetric lighting", and 4K HDR, among other things.

In summary, expect this to be visually impressive.

PS4 vs PS5 Differences

We are yet to be told specifically what the differences are between the two versions. But there are some general observations we can anticipate, and once again, Vanguard provides a helpful reference point.

Given the difference in power and performance between the two consoles, there are a few things that are almost a given. These include:

Higher frame rates, hardware-based graphical improvements, and shorter loading times on the PS5 version.

We'd also expect support for ray tracing on PS5, and we'd be surprised if 120fps wasn't available on the newer console.

Finally, the DualSense controller is likely to offer much more immersive gameplay, courtesy of the adaptive triggers, and enhance haptic feedback.

There is one other intriguing rumour, courtesy of @RalphsValve on Twitter. Known for offering reliable insights into Call of Duty games, the account suggests that Infinity Ward is planning an exclusive VR experience for the PSVR2. We know this headset will only work with the PS5, meaning this will be an exclusive bit of content for PS5 players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Price And Editions

There are two editions of the game at this point. The standard edition, and the Vault Edition. Prices will vary slightly depending on the platform, but here's where things stand at the moment:

  • Steam or Battle.Net - Standard Edition is £59.99, Vault Edition £84.99
  • PlayStation - Cross-Gen Bundle is £69.99, Vault Edition £99.99
  • Xbox - Cross-Get Bundle is £69.99, Vault Edition is £99.99

The differences between the two versions are as follows:

Both editions will give you access to the full game, as well as access to the Open Beta when it arrives. They also mention, "other instant rewards that we cannot yet reveal". That's everything you get with the basic version.

The Vault Edition additionally offers:

  • The Ghost Legacy Pack for Modern Warfare and Warzone. This includes 10 weapon blueprints and 12 operator skins.
  • The Red Team 141 Operator Pack - this offers the Price, Ghost, Soap and Farah Operators.
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault
  • A 1 Season Battle Pass
  • 50 Tier Skips

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

But what about the gameplay itself? Well, we know there will be a "globe-trotting" campaign mode, with missions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. We also know it will involve underwater combat, sieges, stealth missions, and all-out assaults, starting from 30000 feet above enemy bases.

After the campaign is an "evolved" Special Ops, the tactical co-op mode, and sets the scene for multiplayer. Multiplayer will include new maps and different ways to play.

Anything Else Worth Knowing?

Activision and Infinity Ward have also promised "a massive calendar of free content post-launch featuring evolving gameplay with new maps, modes, seasonal events, community celebrations and more".

We don't know yet exactly what they have planned. But as always, we'll update you as soon as learn more. There's already plenty for fans to get excited about.

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