Best VR headset for Medal Of Honor - which virtual reality headsets can run Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, and which is the cheapest?

Respawn Entertainment and Oculus VR are working together on Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, the long-awaited next game in the iconic wartime video game franchise.

This time, the twist is that you'll be playing in VR! But that exciting fact brings questions with it: which VR headsets actually work with Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, and which one is cheapest?

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Keep reading to find out which VR headsets are the best options for Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, and, yes, which ones are the cheaper options...

Best VR headset for Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

The trailer for Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond made it very clear that you'll be needing an Oculus headset to play this game, because Oculus has developed the whole thing with Respawn.

The game's official website explains that players basically have two options when it comes to picking a headset for Medal Of Honor VR: you could get the Oculus Rift S, which costs £399; or the Oculus Quest, which costs either £399 or £499 depending on how much storage you want.

But there's something of a wrinkle here. Although the Oculus Quest was previously promoted as a VR headset that didn't require a PC, players WILL need to link their Quest up to a compatible computer - using a link cable - if they want to play this Medal Of Honor game with a Quest.

The Oculus Rift S also requires you to have a decent PC, though, so this isn't a particularly different situation to playing with a Quest.

If you're wondering which is the 'best' choice out of the Oculus Rift S or the Oculus Quest, the answer to that question seems to be the Oculus Rift S. In fact, Oculus's website even states that the Rift S has "improved optics" which deliver "bright, vivid colours and reduced 'screen-door' effect."

With that in mind, you can click here to buy an Oculus Rift S straight from Oculus itself!

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best vr headset for medal of honor
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VR, huh, what is it good for? These are your two options!

Cheapest VR headset for Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond

As we covered in the previous section, the Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest both have a starting price of £399. So, technically, they're both the cheapest option!

You could argue that the Quest offers slightly better value, if you already have a good PC, because it does have the extra ability to play certain games without being connected to your computer. You could, because of this, take the Quest somewhere totally separate from your PC and still load up some games.

Just to be doubly clear, though - we're just gonna repeat the fact that Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond is NOT one of those games you can play on a Quest without a PC and link cable. But there are other games you can play with the Quest away from your PC.

The choice is yours, then: you could either buy an Oculus Quest (which lets you take other games on the go), or you could buy an Oculus Rift S (which will give you those improved optics). Click either of those links to fly off to a product page!

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