Best iOS games (October 2023)

Best iOS games october 2023 - War Thunder, Arena Breakout

Best iOS games october 2023 - War Thunder, Arena Breakout

If you're on the hunt for the best iOS games to dive into this October 2023, your timing couldn't be more perfect. The upcoming month promises to be a month filled with exciting options to keep you entertained, whether you're looking to pass the time during a daily commute or seeking a quick dose of dopamine wherever you are.

While consoles and PCs offer fantastic gaming experiences, there's something uniquely appealing about the convenience of mobile gaming. With just a device in your pocket and a tap of your finger, you can dive into a world of fun and adventure, no matter where you find yourself.

With this in mind, we'll unveil the best iOS games for October 2023, ensuring you have a delightful array of options for gaming on the go.

Arena Breakout

The arrival of Arena Breakout has set the mobile gaming world abuzz, and the reasons behind its popularity are quite evident. Crafted by Tencent, the same creators responsible for the famous PUBG Mobile, this game has swiftly grabbed the gaming community's focus. If you've ever experienced Escape from Tarkov, you'll find the genre of Arena Breakout to be quite resembling.

In this exciting game, players step into the shoes of contractors assigned to embark on a combat zone, where their mission is to scavenge valuable items and make a daring escape with their lives intact. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game promises to provide a challenging and suspenseful experience that will keep you thoroughly engaged.

Moreover, Arena Breakout offers a diverse range of maps and game modes to ensure that the gameplay remains dynamic and constantly evolving, adding to the thrill of each gaming session.

Arena Breakout Map
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Credit: Level Infinite

You can get Arena Breakout from here.

Raid Shadow Legends

If you're a fan of fantasy or similar types of games, then Raid Shadow Legends is a real treat for you. Created by Plarium, this RPG is available on both mobile and PC and offers a captivating mix of immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay, and stunning visuals that will leave you amazed. Notably, if you happen to be on iOS, the experience gets even better.

Your mission? To rescue the realm of Teleria from the wicked Dark Lord Siroth and his henchmen. The game's turn-based combat system demands smart tactics and teamwork among your champions. New players get a strong starter champion for free.

The Arena provides a great opportunity to test your team's strength and challenge other players. As you progress, the addition of more levels demands more effort.

Raid Shadow Legend Character - Best iOS games
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Credit: Raid Shadow Legends

You can get Raid Shadow Legends from here.

Genshin Impact

You must already have an idea about how this game has emerged as a sensation in the mobile gaming industry. If you're someone who enjoys open-world action, Genshin Impact might just be the top pick among all the options out there. The game world is filled with stunning landscapes, mysteries, and formidable enemies.

With a vast selection of characters, each having their own unique abilities, Genshin Impact offers an exciting array of choices. Every day, you can obtain new weapons, and what sets it apart is the elemental combat system, which is both distinctive and engrossing.

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What's even more exciting is Genshin Impact's extensive and dedicated player community, who have a deep affection for the game and its characters. You'll always find yourself in good company, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts.

Genshin Impact all characters
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Credit: Epic Games

You can get Genshin Impact from here.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crises

In an attempt to capture the magic of the beloved 1997 classic, Final Fantasy VII, Applibot and Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy VII Evil Crises in September 2023. This game follows the same storyline and lets players collect and control a variety of characters from the rich Final Fantasy VII universe, each with their own distinct abilities and playstyles.

While it might not replicate the original experience entirely, it certainly doesn't fall short either. You can enhance your characters' abilities by completing quests and defeating foes. As you progress through the storyline, you have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons and explore additional chapters with slightly tweaked plots, offering fresh perspectives to the gameplay.

Genshin Impact Ever Crises gameplay visual - Best iOS games
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Credit: Square Enix

You can get Final Fantasy VII Ever Crises from here.

War Thunder Mobile

In the final entry of our best iOS games list, we present a thrilling addition that's sure to get your adrenaline pumping: War Thunder Mobile. This game is not only a wonderful mobile PvP MMO combat experience but also a faithful remake of its PC counterpart, which originally made its debut a decade ago.

Now, War Thunder Mobile brings the excitement of World War II and the Cold War to your phone or tablet. You'll have a bunch of different planes, tanks, and ships to choose from for your battles. But here's the really neat part: you can customize your vehicles with all sorts of historical upgrades and changes. This means you can make your vehicles suit your style of play.

War Thunder Mobile tanks battle
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Credit: War Thunder

You can get War Thunder Mobile from here.

As we wrap up our guide to the best iOS games for October 2023, we hope it's helped you discover some exciting games to enjoy. Mobile gaming is always changing, and there are lots of new and fun games out there waiting for you to try. For more interesting topics you can check out our How to Play Starfield on mobile or How To Log Out Of COD Mobile.

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