Arma Reforger Mods - all the best mods explained

arma reforger mods a firefight

arma reforger mods a firefight

You may be wondering what the best Arma Reforger mods are. Alternatively, you may be wondering what a mod is, why it matters, and why people are talking to you about something you don't fully understand.

Whichever camp you fall in, we're going to run through some of the best mods that are currently available for Arma Reforger. We'll follow that up with a quick explainer about mods, and why they can enhance your gaming experience.

And finally, for anyone who feels particularly adventurous, we'll let you know how you can get started on creating mods of your own. There's a lot to cover. So without further ado, let's crack on with the best Arma Reforger mods.

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Best Arma Reforger Mods

Arma Reforger is still in its early access period, which means that modding is still in its infancy. As time goes on, we can expect to see increasing numbers of mods, with increasing amounts of creativity and imagination. Especially as people get accustomed to the Enfusion engine that powers the game. But some of our favourites so far include:

King of the Hill

King of the hill was one of the most popular game modes in Arma 3. This mod mimics that game mode in Arma Reforger. As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to be king of the hill - in other words, control a single point on the map. This particular mod is available on the RLC server.

Sample Mods from Bohemia Interactive

As we mentioned earlier, the game is still extremely new, so mods are still being developed. But Bohemia Interactive has provided a range of sample mods for players to make use of - these include new vehicles, new weapons, and new scripts.

Capture and Hold

One mod built by Bohemia Interactive is the Capture and Hold mod. Similar to king of the hill, the game requires teams to take control of specific points on the map, and hold them for as long as possible.

The winning team is the one that holds the most points for the longest time. So if you're looking for another way of playing Arma Reforger, this could be a good place to start.

Minecraft Mod

If you've ever found yourself playing Minecraft and thought to yourself how much better it would be if you had guns and cars, then your prayers have been answered.

As the video above shows (from 2:15) the Minecraft mod includes a host of Minecraft features, such as procedural generation, the ability to dig, create crafting benches, and play multiplayer.

Attachments Compatibility

Currently one of the most popular mods for Arma Reforger, this is almost genius in its simplicity, but also has a big impact. This mod allows weapons to share attachments, whereas normally they are restricted to specific weapons.

Honourable Mention: Maps Mod

Previous Arma games have eventually received a maps mod, which takes maps from other Arma games, and made them available. We expect this mod to become available in Arma Reforger in the near future. This will allow players to enjoy maps from the likes of Arma 3, giving you new/old terrain to explore.

What Is a Mod?

If you have never played a game with mods before, you're in for a treat. It's a way of modifying a game to create new content. Some are very simple, such as adding different clothing or weapons. And some are much more extreme, such as changing the world into Minecraft.

There are almost no limits to what sort of mods people create, and we;ve seen mods become a major part of the gaming experience for a lot of games. Notable examples include Blade and Sorcery and The Elder Scrolls. Arma is another series in which mods have become a popular part of the gameplay.

In encouraging news, it's even been confirmed that mods will work on both PC and Xbox versions of the game. But how exactly can someone create a mod for Arma Reforger?

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How To Create A Mod

The game developers have made creating mods about as simple as possible on Arma Reforger. They have provided a tool known as Workbench, which uses the exact same tools as the developers who made the game. Players can access this through the Tools section of their Steam library.

To be able to fully exploit the potential of modding, you'll probably need a reasonable grasp of C# scripting. But there's a lot for you to explore.

Workbench includes a world editor, animation editors, behaviour editors, and much more, to bend the world to their will. And because Arma Reforger uses the Enfusion engine that will be used for Arma 4, using the workbench now will give players the chance to learn how to mod for that game as well.

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