Battlefield 2042's surprise resurgence overwhelms servers, game tops Steam charts

Key art from Battlefield 2042 featuring a soldier with his back turned
Credit: DICE

Key art from Battlefield 2042 featuring a soldier with his back turned
Credit: DICE

Battlefield 2042 and its newfound resurgence has been nothing short of shocking, so much so that it seems even DICE wasn't prepared for the influx of new players resulting in servers being clogged constantly.

The game was far from a critical darling and performed even worse in the sales charts back when it was released in October 2021. Despite this, DICE kept believing in the product and eventually turned it around with constant updates and interesting seasonal content, culminating with Season 6, which just kicked off with a new battle pass progression system.

According to BFBulletin via Twitter, Battlefield 2042 players are running into an error code that states the servers are at full capacity, adding that the title has almost cracked the top 10 list of most-played games on Steam.

Image of an error code when loading Battlefield 2042
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Credit: DICE
Everyone wants to play Battlefield!

It's worth noting that a free play weekend was held by the developers on all platforms from October 12 to 16. It was a bold yet confident move by EA and DICE since they did so to directly compete with Modern Warfare's 3 heavily criticised beta. Turns out the gamble might have paid off.

According to SteamDB information, the player count during the free weekend peaked at 104,060 users on October 16. The all-time high for the game happened during the launch in 2021, reaching 105,397.

What's even more impressive is that the game managed to retain the vast majority of that number, with Battlefield 2042 reaching 96,805 users on October 18, well beyond the game's free weekend period.

The future for Battlefield 2042 seems exciting, and with MW3 seemingly not entirely convincing its population, FPS players might keep flocking back to the one disgraced DICE franchise and give it a second chance, cementing the redemption story by one of the genre's long-standing IPs.

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