Battlefield 2042 reworks battle pass ahead of Season 6

Image of a Battlefield 2042 warzone
Credit: DICE

Image of a Battlefield 2042 warzone
Credit: DICE

The Battlefield 2042 battle pass has received a big rework after DICE revealed that the current model they introduced for Season 6 was not meeting the internal goals they had set out for it.

Instead of waiting for community outrage to take place, DICE decided to reveal on October 11, just a day following Season 6's start, that multiple changes to make grinding battle pass points easier were going to take place starting "next week," most likely meaning October 16.

Via the official Battle Comms Twitter account, the developers revealed the following changes, in hopes that completing the vast majority of weekly missions ensures a player reaches Tier 100 of the Battlefield 2042 battle pass with no extra grind required.

Key art for the Battlefield 2042 season Dark Creations
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Credit: DICE
Dark Creations will be the longest Battlefield 2042 season
  • Starting next week, weekly Missions for week 2 will be five points per mission to make up for lost points on this week's weekly missions.
  • Every week after that has now been readjusted to ensure each weekly mission will now reward four points. (A total potential of 36 points each week)
  • You have also highlighted that the XP point total for normal gameplay is 6,500.

The developers added:

Your enjoyment is what's important to us, and we really appreciate the continued feedback and moment-sharing as you get to grips with all things Dark Creations!

The initial rework for the Battlefield 2042 battle pass stems from one key factor - Season 6 is considerably longer than the previous one. Seasons 1, 2, and 5 lasted a total of 12 weeks. Meanwhile, Seasons 3 and 4 upped the time players had to grind to a total of 14.

Season 6 goes even beyond that, coming in at 16 weeks. As we've mentioned, it started on October 10 and will end on January 30, that's almost a solid four months of time to grind the battle pass.

Hopefully players aren't forced to spend more time than in previous seasons to complete the Battlefield 2042 season pass for Dark Creations. If you're looking for more content, check out how to fix the stuttering issues with BF2042.

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